Ryan Lochte Rushed by Protestors

Tuesday, September 13th


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If you sol days with the stars last night. Then you know what happened if you didn't holy crap Ryan Lochte. You know the liar liar pants on fire from the Olympics. Goes up onstage and quickly got rushed by protesters. As they're trying to give him his. From the audience all yet to guys runs out but do what they did a run what they stayed well listen this is crazy. Yeah. The army is all we want to see and I really do it they you got your best to these aren't you have on the so I didn't yeah. These protesters roll out while they're trying to do their you know what we call that do they judge you and Nate you know trying to flood the politically give you do yours for everybody dance right. And you do to run out but what do you say when you're live TV. These yeah. Excuse me. While. Look you could hear they'll be credited to to rewind this listen what happens. And you know we have Tom Bergeron off camera. Observing. You've got to judge who's on hot to home my camera with a hop might. Knew these two burly security guys who come over in just pile driver right we'll go operate on a laugh yeah that was a that was off camera but you know. While. I mean. Tom Bergeron love him to death. Here's my question so how did he view like how is the instinct awful it was awful. I was really curious to see how this rolls out wolf that if big bank and the obviously ratings are going to be in his corner. Yet he gets one. Three things and the do you have to get my higher story capable long TV keep this kind of crap gonna I'll bet they will if I think he asked. Yeah. It wasn't just protesters that sat here and and and you know win in a middle Ryan Lochte gets people on Dancing With The Stars in the audience roots. Greening liar. Hi how's bunch of people. The biggest Peru when we don't they screen the people before they put them alive TV audience do you think every why you like your real agenda is he reckoned. I don't have maybe. That's crazy. Clinton's night. The via web site. Creations again. Face down the stage intensify security and can't hold the audience to apply. How they parted his commentary there within this is a night percent UT it's now all that's what that's what Ryan says here and that's the part about the blows my mind. My fear is that I'm gonna go up there and I'm gonna become a failure. Well I'm gonna make Cheryl looked in the womb definitely like to break my heart. What do you think. Everything well yes because it's worth twenty feet or so off pretty I mean really. I I digging public speaking probably isn't one of his strong points but look who it was swimming with the stars I got to come. Tonight according to neutralize. Moment to look in your.