Richard Petty's 80th BDay and Thoughts on the Future of NASCAR

Thursday, May 11th


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Carolina Katrina and if you want the wolf. We will know what my dad would have called hobnobbing. Last night we went down to level crop season. And that went to. King's house. Lived under Richard Petty last night. Anna who eightieth birthday party. For Richard Petty last night. And it was also yet they do a lot of fundraising treaty petty Family Foundation and they had a silent auction there. Kind of doing their inaugural birthday a fund raiser in it was so much fun a great time. Food was all sudden delicious couldn't stop eating the Soviet. Big buffet line they had gallon there is on the grounds there Richard beautiful there is now in and it was is very good. It is banana hooting type thing there lulls that was all the rage this banana playing. In headline. Had some rum in it then and some other you know unusual. Ingredients. But oh my goodness gracious was best of delicious. Made by a restaurant that came in did they don't have a place in high point. Yet they're saying that has the view if there's like at German. Custard powder in an air something that's hard to font hit. Okay so they don't do it that often betray but they've they did do it last night in and it was a guy who Sylvia. So thanks for inviting us down there. Last night was it was a great night and yet they had a real break on the whether it was perfect it was perfect what's that sun went down it was a perfect coup evening everybody who's at his stroller around him a (%expletive) he's done and we did get to meet him and I did get to the. Autograph that my father has always wanted. Riding home until like after him I he's Xena you gotta give you don't get in time abused yet who's hit him that was surprised in how you me it hit you get this is all the millions of urged them on me for a cots and that is it true I don't know edit the Atlantic center in 931 the wall they'll Brian Torre in Shea. So we had a great time last night down as that Richard Petty took place with the heads for a birthday celebration in the fund raiser for the penny foundation on. It was it was great and Corey. She had a whole land man she's going up there if you haven't ever photo we took the photo first shaking and he had and then she got to autograph. For her hands yeah he doesn't know yet he's gonna be so pop he's a major Richard Petty and the men and what's ironic is is that she got him to autograph a fun. I daily a brutal and I tell them out like can you write to your biggest fan on the air heat and the funny. I think that was you're listening to you know he was here isn't my own and I Ain T and Elena and I told him that my dad. And yeah. The first ball for a tells a story you know you're beating somebody that's a big deal OK and you're like OK what about to say with that in mind go chase it first well it makes chairman Eddie's is if he if you just happen to have smoltz all living telling that he was lying. Little League coach in sixty said. So that's holding that and he he has. Mahan as long time ago I even the first thing you said though the what do you have to hold out. We remember yet at her river bridges in his life and she was closer to you that I was. But the public court record did you remember or is gonna tell you the first they used in would you be educated read your day. I remember exactly how you put it it was so big to be effective you I live right down through a good. I hammered out. Wrote a different you guys led LA LA that he's darker yeah yeah liver to elude. Sealed. You Boone dormant for me and I. I remember now and. It is funny when he told over the last week or did you think of the long time. Yeah a long time ago and then he was very eager to shake my hand and feel like all right we'll playing. Asking you giveaways will be right now. The cola memorabilia that was on the third table for the silent auction via a solid they had when his. They missed pats with the editors and everything out of that you know that he that he's famous for wearing his hat into one of those. Was bill for auction and then he had a special belt buckle that they made it deadly happy eightieth birthday yeah. On in the had one made for him to Wear in the wine available at the sign. Ox and I didn't see the bid on that panel was a starting bid on that with a 1000 you didn't you didn't jump in on the is now I didn't get a little bit fat I wanted to see what the starting bid was and had they had this in this guy the last cannot yet variable starting bill that was a thousand. So that's a lot of I didn't get it up with him three dollars here at. Yeah we'll. The red moon could. It's. Spina and some of the holes brought up in regards to what you're gonna talk about last night about Richard anti. And one of his friends said my mom's only does from a long time and has had one of his friends. Told him when he first started racing like Daytona on the beaches are back back oh yeah play -- early days he says yeah but really he rode along with him for a one of them and this. The guys it to Richard said don't quit your day job at. Yeah and look at him now yeah pray. The king of happy are not want them he's probably the most respected. Hill and Dale Earnhardt probably the two most respected drivers in the history of the sport and I'm not downing all the other legendary. Drivers in NASCAR you know there's. Kale Yarborough there's all these guys who very famous NASCAR drivers that were it through that whole Richard Petty era but I mean come on it's Richard bit. Question yeah it forgot about NASCAR. And even here in NASCAR driver I met an until I yeah. Freedom in his right guy says DT did you know we talk about last week Howell Dale Junior has announced he will be retiring after the season deep. Do you what type of ethic eating that's gonna have on the sport but it you can have a lot of the sports person in an attendance knew and so I mean like even still a key whenever he drives around he has such tough they end following. You think it this might be devastating for. Well this industry. NASCAR has been hurt you know for full yet all a good while anyway when you lose big stars. Like debt. Do you he's gonna have an effect I mean he's so big when a race track is gonna have a race in he's in the race they put outdoor billboards up that says Dale Earnhardt who will be here is. He racing yeah. They did in fact there's one now so we're somewhere down to the smoke is because you going to be Bristol in and so yeah yeah I do think it'll have a negative for. I read that written somewhere that that he's gonna try to paint it may be broadcasting. Like four of the sports entity thinking about that would kind of be like that. There is no question you can. All I would never thought anything different he that he's gonna be you know commentator riot he will be. You know all of a lot of these great drivers over the years of and that driving experience into a television and or radio career Ned Jarrett was a big. Rates are viewing if he if you ever. Even peripherally of racing. You know that the edge here at this program called Ned Jarrett world of racing and he was a driver and he said he and all all kinds of other guys have had done this too. So yes he will. Right that and he'll make millions to hit it feel like Morton and by doing that right are well. We're gonna play Yasser BS this morning for the chase rush concert tickets. We decided that since we had such a good time down at Richard pay these. He's my neighbor yeah directory in his eightieth birthday. We're gonna do a little Yasser BS saying it's always insist on their Richard Petty facts were little fictions that remain up. And as the contestant you say yes if you think you're true. And BS if you think they're not true and Korean somebody standing by on the line right now. Got Linda from greens are all right go. Nicknamed the eighteen for his record said he Daytona 500 and NASCAR championship winds. Yeah. That it's correct. Born in level cross North Carolina currently he lives in Daytona Florida with his family. I you're way he still lived and little crawl representing North Carolina. Richard Petty has 200 Sprint Cup winds. Yeah that's true you're doing great. Richard and also won the Winston cup now the Sprint Cup five times. You know BS ansari 17 times. Age 25 he raised in his first NASCAR event. Your right he was 21 and at his first race. In 1959 he won his first NASCAR race at Columbia speedway. In. Your right he did it. Our last time he was just fifteen with him when his uncle let him drive an old 1938 Ford pick up for farm chores for the first time. Your right. Now he was eight years old this pretty well why I climbed get a job. I. You have JC JC writes in the content and entertainment center Brad and I. And Gloria and chase you away get up. Well that the three of us in the NASCAR. Experience. And speedway. And when you do that they give you more hard and here they give you the choice of whether you would like to be a writer or drive right. One person in this room can say they've driven. A race car. Net fifty pounds but this gap and yet so now that you've pointed that out for like the fiftieth just several announced. I'm congressional race card. And I have a license graciously give you this little card slot licenses saying sounds like a credit card and a and. I just I think he should have gotten Richard Petty to sign that I know it I've been beating myself up Buckeyes I did not get him to sign my official NASCAR life and what would make it more legit than Richard eighties autograph on it. What's that is he actually carries it around whether incident is something that you need and never know officer that when they're gonna need somebody to step in. Take a couple out on the track. There's a reason all's going past all the certain. I was not an ordinary racing life it is not is signed. By Richard. Friedkin. Right ulcers just. I don't suppose I mess right anyway I'm sorry did that sign. You like it cool I know that's not gonna be the last time you see Richard Petty can be union to do what is he might be over after what happened with an opening on his neighbor. We can go through that door thicker all through the woods yeah yeah. A movement. You bodyguard about four. I think it's different opinions. All right that's enough of that art.