Pumpkin Spicervention

Friday, September 16th


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It's. This morning rewrite and work it is Windiz Downey's mill the dead leaves everywhere. Deadly. And snowfall rate. Now it's my slots down in ice that is the officials author of all did you think that when you drink the clintons I thought David because it's pumpkin and pumpkin is technically vegetable is. It's your doing something healthy. Yet that was the common understanding in well actually it's way worse. They shouldn't surprise you really they're not healthy at all. But how bad or that you just get skim milk at all come all at low fat it is time for a make it Fini. Pumpkin spice serve tension with quarry here in the wake of awards show because look I know you love your pumpkin spice everything and for evening. But here's what happens your body Corey when you drinking grundy pumpkin spice like they would Q percent Milken whipped cream. Which I've seen you with nutty yes I haven't I have. You think you're doing these in secret but I know what's going on. After the first five minutes have you you know slurping down this name them something so sweet activate your brain to reward system in triggers the release of endorphins that's why you feel so like. But nominal right so far are not building in case. If you're sensitive to a preservative called potassium sort rate you might start getting a headache which explains why even getting headaches lately having get a case about fifteen minutes later the twelve teaspoons of sugar you just drank. Begin to raise your blood sugar. But the fourteen grams of fat from the Milken whipped cream slowed the slows my guess you'll feel hyper he went after hurricane canceled. They giggled and he knew the end. No real talk so Blake and I think getting headaches. Thank you click OK I kick. All of the maybe this will after point miniature blood sugar continues to rise which triggers the release of insulin and you should be feeling slightly energetic as the stimulating effects of the caffeine begin to kick in. But again. If you'll sensitive to caffeine. It did act as a laxative. I'm which by the way you're worried about yeah. I'm terrible I gained independence but you know we're in the heart aren't. After thirty minutes of your body absorbs the thank you drink. Triglycerides inner your bloodstream and over time high triglycerides levels can clog your blood vessels are in your cholesterol and increase your risk of heart is. Not just are bleeding from I did not happening Kim. If the. And finally after four hours your blood sugar crashes you sir decree food and since your triglyceride levels are still with elevated low fat option. He's probably buddies best but Dubai is Jose I held out give me some more French Fries which explains. Oh my guy just talked it out sister and half. Don't know.