Political Puppies and Cookies

Friday, August 19th


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We double show good morning. No matter what it is you're talking about anymore. You run the risk of making somebody really mad. And what we end up doing is just we just don't talk about race we just kind of avoid the subject it's what Madeleine and politics and there's so much have gone on so you know what I've done I I stayed up very late in the wee hours of the morning trying to come up with a plan to be able to talk about this big thing that happened yesterday in Charlotte. And I think you figured it out listed as saying the names of the parties involved. I'm going to use words that we all can agree on quarry. Words that there's no way he gets at a non polarizing names yes and downs particularly. To be able to say this. So instead of saying. I don't know I'm sick puppies are today if you can't get mad at puppies now seeing. Hillary Clinton. Publicity chocolate chip cookies par another stellar game get mad took the top of these cookies that aren't that loom. So puppies is in Charlotte yesterday right okay yeah I was talking to people and for the first time ever since he started campaigning puppies Sid you know one man. The kind of regret some of those bad. Seed they would have to be barking to the bad lucky on that I've done and a analytics analyst at back. And it's yeah its hobbies I mean bill of course. EB net how did you about a continent to forgive puppies this is an all time chocolate chip cookies in or going home my emails my email. And announcing you're looking at a time when you're talking to Putin's own account you can have fingers begin on on the news that the bill. I need to talk with him cookies so it's huge for puppies. Campaign for the presidency and want it to be a big thing for chocolate chip cookies yes definitely put him in the rear wheel against. Seen the single there will burn.