People Believe THIS Will Help Them Get Pregnant

Monday, January 8th


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Airline countering that is reliable and O'Brien Torre and chase when you have the wolf at 749. This time a year a lot of people conceive a child. This year especially when weather bad statistics always show that we had a bad weather beaten and then what happens during that time you know last year Watergate. It big and there's even less touching them before our if you like retouched anyway lots and stinky and showered in three. Which is what happened to record this past week. She she started on downhill run on Thursday getting sick right pedal and metal and down hills. Why I said I'm going to be all right I'm gonna make modified at all. If that text Friday morning guys finally got me I'm not come and ask and she stays in bed all day on Friday at a party and he practiced and we did it you we did you anti breakfast without me. Do you people think because that's what I would hope would be fifty. So she's in bed all day on fraud. States. And notion our concern and fear waters bruised and she's still stick. Notion our ray so then Sunday she finally gives a ghost and they had to her mother's things right so lazy that trip to Salisbury the there was. No conceiving of children took a licking and two days and showering touching and exciting race. Well on 3% of women here's an interesting survey able people do you know be on these are beliefs about wolf I do this and pregnant it's going to be. Oh yeah. All kinds did you have any of those weird things like well will people are really quick to tell you all all I want to what you are in what people. Perceived to be a child bearing situation. Then they start telling you we you know. If you do if they don't you know you appear cheated if you don't choose Writely an upside down 32% so drinking it was only. 32% of the people in the service drain pineapple juice Philadelphia and believe that's the silliest thing I've ever heard her beliefs and that's saying this I think these are beliefs. Do here's a belief that the woman bicycles early exit in the year for at least three minutes after. 58% of women have tried doing it. I'll. Using reverse psychology thing I don't want you to four do 39% said that. In our eating dark chocolate every. Deploy it are charted you for your 37% say yeah. When are you Bynum would use that said the 430 on. Well thanks X. During during my eyes. There is enough and section and go Sox notes on what it will Sox. On the wearing green and using green sheets because green is connected to fertility. Mind spells connected to money yes. Avoiding. Day. Gave final word awaits you described as legally. On there. Avoiding reaching Shang roll off for a week. After having that. A week seven days. You avoid it for seven day Lou that's gonna do. On 3%. Wait 6%. Let's not a problem of the party have children home but if you can't happen anyway I. Eating McDonald's fry I'll write OK now your recent hit that little hill that ballot that would definitely. If you're like me that I let out something else helped spark injury like like Andy McDonald's Fries here on and on encountered including that he's. Yeah me. One person said that output if a guy will Wear underwear out of the freezer. For a bit prior record do. This will increase your chances of your brain I go. I think it all comes from you know a few years too much going on out there. Pretty hot showers to pretty hot man has to release these ads to me you you can't sleep on those three and out. That's what that's. One full percent had been wearing frozen underwear that's JaVale. And here's what I've never heard or getting your nose appears on the left side. And eastern medicine techniques as this can make a woman more fertile getting your nose pierced on the left side. Black Jerry. Our. With the bulk of his job and it's. We got a job do you believe the.