Parmalee Spells their Name Wrong?

Wednesday, November 2nd


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No not at all we had to change dispelling the subpoenas this felon normally he'd seen it I we drove by the way the outer banks like they're absolutely and like I got it for the bids. Later that silence failed that could would you ever be her and if you didn't. If I you would never pronounce that word right below normal so one. I don't think anyone out to Bob mile radius surrounding towns would. Announces. That did you resent our available to test the town before formally. Home towed and act act. It's exceed what any data and then a six X and need to CEO in AT&T yeah. See it's he'd. I don't know what's going own and that little section of eastern North Carolina but that spelling and the pronunciation. This is not. Nobody went in its oil in the newsroom and now. Carolina can't attitude throughout Ayers are all right I'll give you some that's tough sorry all right Harris maybe we won last seen that we want to. Now I'm the bad habit that one night. And they were gone back going to be. Play in which we did we started last year feels like Carolina conserved. Is it means coliseum November 18. We're gonna go back this year we're gonna. Donate all proceeds net proceeds to the American Red Cross to help out flood victims back home so. Yes it is having a couple weeks tops this players come with this. When we Jean Luc homes to Jason over. Having to go party they're mean she's yeah.