New Scam: Corie Won $1 Billion With One Phone Call

Tuesday, February 6th


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Manager on the wolf yesterday she got a phone call from the publisher's clearing out. She is a big winner man and they signed as a fund loses is Belichick said this. All what happened is they called her and I cut this cord because you come ran in in here at the last second isn't awards will be good. So we recorded it through the mind but he is he officially dead and same that you wind. Like eight million dollars in the BMW MIE class. It's yet then some type of vehicle but did what prompted my first. You know inquisitive eyebrow raise when that it was calling from Jamaica Els label less than usual calling from Jamaica from. All the good that's that's were all the let's roll the monies given restaurant yeah all right so here here's the call. Publishers are now. Aged two or. Yeah I heard them before. OK under control our eating truck. Here or are deeply. I'm I'm a little confused because I don't recall ever entering into winning anything. You never. Right. Company. Know about the publishers there aren't they. Are clearly how. Egypt where election year we will soon. Eight. So like. So like and make Maine is gonna show up at my front door work with a big check that's what I remember seeing. To make sure everything you are inherited enough to be having it done today. Are surely couldn't understand now. Age so you get 88. And yeah I guess are. You right up. I'm at work. A key. Agreement. Call you back. It. He's back and it's your your fifteen minutes away from Mercedes. Hats that's where he can that was disaster greenery and win anything he says that never makes axis. And more. If you guys have ever seen any of this stuff on mine. But people it calls like this all the time and scanned big time to give big time because they're like okay we need your address are well I'll sure I'll pay the tax yet in my journalism David Gergen a wired the money to your account so we dear account numbers and you'd end. A lot of information that you can start with this public knowledge they'll confirm with you what are address it is signaling okay severity knows enough about me they're on their drew she writes in his name you know they can do it some a little bit of history and you'd find out maybe even where you bank and they're like OK so we see eBay with you about America or whatever. Can you confirm the last digits of your account number they do all of these exit strategy Iraqi People off or all the time we'll. Let me be the bearer of bad news here no one's trying to give you any money they're not. Nobody culture there are people trying to take your money yeah as that are trying to give him yet don't model including the guy from Jamaica. It's. Dream on the wolf 736. Hello. Yeah and I have a similar story just I worried about the publisher claim now you let. Us. And got called me and held eight. I ate her white BMW or Mercedes and accurate what you want I play like I'm 87 million I'll. And act kick pedal while weren't they air on the order and sent. Victory dollars an accident that they would eat there. Wow so did you doing. However great you miss deferral idea W small because I. I would be giving away a BMW I would arrange to meet you at Wal-Mart attitude. Yeah I think he actually asked me where Albert does well and I told her well that. And an outlook that work well and he's like well how RO wait around all and I looked Ike I like thirty minute. I have a lot like Corey at the only look at. Yeah it and I'm Chad called an upper back and I'm tired. You eat like let me let EG considered that either. Streaming it packet here that I got up and I got back on either injured or like your boy did state. It's Dave guy. That. At least get to sit there let me let you talked about manager here's a manager who low on the other he accepted. At pretty funny I don't I don't let out the only debate probably they get better. At. I tried to violently that it. Then or Pratt told to eat like that the publisher's clearing out our do you got in about oh yeah I don't call me back. No I don't you think the are they were solid. In Iraq or did. You know it's like forget this number. Maybe the manager. Pulled a 740 Wanda Ryan Dorian chase high 56 to fail we will call it what these phone scale and yet McCall up on him. All kinds of Greg's obviously he says I. Your call from supposedly the IRS always sound like you're caught in from India or don't you go get some give compartments for you. Andy mule. Almost into the tourists and there's a war and oh yeah and then escalated so politically. This should be a dog group of about meg you've guards or some place were no. That review it at Aetna Aetna. Can do look. While the IRS is really dragging down their taxis and are being creative and play well this. Takes the gas card. A.