Wednesday, June 21st


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There O'Brien glory and chase I want to see how Corey responds to this survey and didn't share the results of this survey with you also like to hear from some years six ago wolf. How is it the new parents miss most about their whole lives what you bring the baby or maybe use your brother. Oh he's getting the big. It's over man it's it's a whole new world you're hearing yet your old life is over. What do you miss most about it Torre already you fully sleep should leave now or wine. Definitely understandable I would have to say a flashing back to my. A younger new parent days and that's probably what I would say you sleep. That's the most immediate Ing that that the most immediate run it's ripped out from underneath you and your ability to do is go to sleep Wayne you're tired. It's the number one response is one I'm not prize 34% of parents and in his sleep the most sets it. Won't be number two that is tell you the percentage one percentage wise we're going to hear what would be number two in 25% say this you know money. That's all gone done all volunteer maybe taken a dip around here but and being able to go out each and every well. And yes. Well okay. And throw that into this category. Because I was I think this goes with that 25% say having time to yourself Indiana is that that's the number 2025%. Say that number three. No we've got something obvious. What would be what what's next. Think you missed the most being a new pair. Some hanging out with your friends. Or. In your case brand. Who would buy one brand them and I'll probably you know I noted is when you're spending time with your spouse. There's there's not that. There's no not at all to get heard. That's what she's calling its ending time. And with here's the present our new green and I've 70% say they missed romantic top hat. With their significant other on number four is the pre baby body can you go yeah seem like he never you know there. I never mind that in fact. It drives me crazy or undergo years ago when somebody has a baby and they just go snap right back into that green baby buy an issue when it's. Yeah. And here's the thing that blows my mind most and I know I'm not alone here. Is summit has time with the baby home to work only he may be to go work out go to the gym and it's like. How how my soul caddie won't listen my priorities that sleep is more important than running. I didn't I don't. Understand how things I got out of current oil and she used the word caddie while it is not easy integration opened it up ought to picture. Just me crazy yeah. Oh yeah me that how do you new moms go to the gym. And more now we wait and you do that and takes heal these cells. In their hair's all dying in a if you're easily be given night if they are called me and tell me how you're feeling it right. Or what tiger aside business the you have where you can afford it in Khomeini overnight. And in any resort archery. Okay. Texas and and that his is sixteen year old changed. With the nanny. A girl and my first experience diesel XP. And that lastly your number five was time with friends which you. And those just go away your friend being your time and then on the 9% of people say they don't miss anything at all about their own. It happened is over time he's come to terms with what tapping your old EU is dead it's dollars in debt that girl girl Colin. So what I have now is a new person and I I've had three years now on to adjust. Today's new larger purse didn't hit that they lived in the same place Clinton. For a few everybody should that when chick it's younger and showing no contact her off.