New Music Tuesday - Big Changes for The Band Perry

Tuesday, August 2nd


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Some day to be alive because of Nortel side release to field break violence they launch. I'm were called there is a sinister cinema to green select. After days. It is also Tuesday Super Tuesday means new music here's the wolf one of my favorite days is saying give you things like this new song from. The dudes Old Dominion listen there. School song for another time. He peer reviewed your reliance on the head yeah snap back comp. And you know I was not a huge fans have activism. Not the deepest song ever received your call the song about a half break this only your hand or. I think you're gonna get on. Absolutely more substance there the AAS songs from other times when that's also be be ready to hear a lot of that in this here. This is going to be massive. It is. Frankie Ballard. Only need you now. Yeah. I had the ears yeah act. Way better the last the was was a starter with a beer now this this is like ten times better. I think I can run today as thrilling really that's how I base my equality on music you know it's one you need to try is though the have you have you listened to the Thomas threat CD front to back now I have not do it stream it to her do it every got to do today and when you do your run because I that was yesterday's run song premiere run album on my god. Templeton go to those good time nice spears actually check this. Our. This is a big win. Green most of the season being period. It's called comeback kid. I don't know if you got to check can be the 24 hour FaceBook live stream they did yesterday. But they are literally embodying this song yeah. It's kind of the anthem of their career right now and act is right because they were with. Was a Republican Nashville which was a part of big machine label group the same group that had Taylor Swift has Taylor Swift importantly Gilbert Helio and Italy's really big axe to McGraw now. Rascal Flatts Reba all these. So rumor has it that. Last there were only CD OK. But it was a 100% pop. It really is going they were going to shop but to not republic Nashville with the republic new York and say you know what walking away from country musical together. Wow so create lot of drama they were still under contract do another country album. And mixing you know they are no longer with the republic they walked away republic walk away from them he says that six school time breaking up. And it without a deal for. 68 months out that's scary yes. So there comes in at their own their own they had all these toward he's committed to handle this music they were sitting on all that kind of stuff so guess what now there with the new label. And I'm not mistaken is with universal which has do the George Strait Sonoma is the world a more traditional. Leaning through country. Labels you say. So Kimberly Perry says we want you to know. That we are not switching over to pop poll would they even signed with Interscope Records that was loosened so even ownership as a pop label. That's how the rumor that last rumor started but they're mostly true bonafide country. Leave them and now. Which is good rather stay with us well. It did. Little poppy influence there you can you can feel it. Just how is okay for what it's worth we we in country music they've always had. The statements. Ranked. And so when we have somebody we build up. And you see them go off and it got to walk away from march honoring you only do I get a little butt hurt over. We usually keep they may be have been any right it's that you don't danceable wanna Brung you. Mentality right okay so you know what last last Christmas when this stuff happened with with. The band Perry in they were walking away and knew they put out the song that was I mean it was rated sound like it was boosting the pop stations right. And like you. These are these are people from day one we if you really good friends with inward this bonafide country managers and mandolin and he crossover also that school would bang man. That's. I think if Alex felon now. It right exactly exactly so. They say they're not going to switch over to pop but there is one big thing we Kimberly Perry has done in it is the most devastating. Earth shattering being. Ever was when is it. She's now. A Brunette. She had that those beautiful. Along our and I was watching live stream gestured like this girl is that this. Yeah. The news.