New Doritos, Strong Enough For a Man, But Made for a Woman

Tuesday, February 6th


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Country through on the wall why do we need to read those from women. Oh now evidently. So they have their own a nonevent that guy. Excellent to good boy. They're coming with new chips. To read those that are specifically designed for women. I didn't know that women needed their own specially designed I've never had trouble with that EU regulator reed and look at turned down a delicious to read off. Was a what are they doing to make this more female friendly well the CEO of the company is is a woman and I guess she feels like for some reason that they need to do that she's very excited about the new line of to read those for women. There left scratching. They've got less cheese powder and they come in bags that easily fit into your. Hurts I am not awful last cheese. Yeah dignity well ideally the idea of being able to conceal it means putting in my personal little easier by adding. At this Umar we don't need that. Here's a quote. Women don't like to crunch too loudly in public. Mean these simple eat in dead quiet we need we don't want anyone to know that there. And they don't lick their fingers generously and they should eat to lower the little broken pieces in and her mouth from the back. It is off her rocker but women love to carry a snack in their purse let me get a break from my diet for your Mac special K bars in gophers and female friendly diet garrido and what I think this sounds like she spewing some kind of wacky re search. That they've gotten yeah especially when she says things like women don't like you crunch loudly in public that this can be finance and funky focused well. Think it's appropriate you. Eat some big receiver crunchy in public ever I would I would rather not eat your readers like in the middle of staff meeting your stupid about it but William winter you with an out of Baghdad to rebuild sooner in a place where that's gonna matter that it looks over nearly it's okay he's at the beam differently when there aren't going to be different outlook unless he's color by. Sounds awful personal song with you for your figures discussing. Perez is older than her mouth and injury does commercial. It was Iran that is especially me I actually last night I spent a good solid thirty minutes looking into perjury does Parcells last. You get sucked into the black hole and you to the jury doesn't like gold and Hillary sexy guys being earnest and cheese. Internet products that meet the need to change the formula for garrido as what you need you to. Encouraging Kyrie baby lights in your in your car or your purse that is how you do next year Starbucks don't think that's what you. That's just what you need to clean this. Our question quickly original to read those or coup ranch original. Original co ridge is dead duo forming in Wheeling thing. I enjoy them both. But if I had to pick somebody sit take the red bag with a blue bag I take the blue really highlight the cool ranch better than the original. This system is me and I'm shocked. That a person who's so into ranch. Which say they would use and issues like rain all Hillary yes they did a hero look you it live to do you do it. A regular garrido injury it's. Eye opening and rob we've got to let that says give I would argue that I'm not I'm not gonna argue I love that I love I love ranch do that Lennon.