NCAA Pulls Tournament from Greensboro

Tuesday, September 13th


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Here we go little issue with this another random act bill Wolff or any to grab your phone. And text morning and the war in 99 and world war. And on this round scroll through those mountain of wonderful final numbers my Brothers and sisters and I call you up. If you see an unknown number. If there today take a look at the outside he's the phone and you might come see our live in wolves can share with the band theory coming up in a few weeks there's that you. AI DC about Greensboro is leading the NCAA men's past my turn rent. No way. Yeah they anted LA is saying that they're pulling all of division line. They're seven events of course the biggest one being basketball they're pulling them out of North Carolina earlier when all kinds of eight BTU. The bathroom deal really know. You believe that no. Phil. Her leg here I think it's like really what I represented isn't just like. Basketball all right I mean think about like the local glee tour is done in the money like our economy. Our local economy depends on it right to be there has been for a long time right we actually grieving about living greens Burris to conceal those great basketball in one place right right. Yes so here I was so they're not coming at all not where they go with what they're gonna go somewhere else that is. When he an equal interest in Lincoln that's not what we are here but my question is this. Like. That's absolutely like that the decision for at HB keeping I didn't she's this. Why is this I don't understand why they're punishing lines like our local economy and our spectators and our bath bath and why are they punishing all of us for sending that we had nothing new. Not easy and they end. Like for this law to come into play like. How does that even if you made that choice for us. At. I don't really. He'd leave that on the that I just not that it. Think we didn't we. I don't know I just I feel like majority of the people that I know they had they had nothing to do with it I Philly I had nothing to be with this choice. And then they're taking away what we need in our local economy. I don't like it I don't like it off. So. Soon. Crazy day here we go to war showed clay glory. So you said that the NCAA says we're not gonna do the tournament Greensboro. Yet they're pulling out no kidding that's gonna affect our local economy and just. In the bathroom because the bathroom bill right because of that HPT you know Hayden they're pulling out because the stuff. Andrew Goodman bigger. Answer her question okay we didn't vote on it all on the bathroom all. Yeah that's lull. And I closed session with the North Carolina assembly like there today. An emergency call and session and essentially force the bill are we gotta we don't know the SEC that's at all. So annoying network didn't it with it because the very hypocritical to anybody. Really don't play really wanted to crack down on you know stuff like that they probably should have cracked down Baylor and other instances by protecting women come right and not letting football players there was stuff. And flat out that I really liked her instead this day and pull out the tournament at a Greensboro you can pray. The way it is now I mean can you imagine we've had social media in 50s70s. Already hurt Vietnam social media here at the thing that's really kill and every bank of the gives people who I don't want to sound that. Or ignorant I really don't deserve very educated boy oh boy. A couple of oh that's what's happening out. I don't know man it's crazy Andrew thank you for the call good rainy down in Randolph again. Our job right to comment about they have stayed up late or out of Greensboro yeah all right and you know everybody dolls there at the polls people that are confusion not sure what you enter our. Can't go to the bathroom that they used. Are purely my ass off your post. Played well correct yeah I did got a little got confused where he's creating as many. They no idea where your going of this I'll note this is necessarily the direction of more we're trying to say the point I guess what what were wondered is why he got a pool. While we got through the nuclear warhead. Or something and at basketball has nothing to do with this you what I'm saying. I hear what you're saying but I mean you know there's characters got so politically correct they don't mean just brought him on. Now I get it and that's. And that's the thing it needs to be quit. It is all about money it is an RA well you know what you do some that I disagree with someone or ruin you. That's the problem I had a good do what you wanna do I'll have my beliefs animal hold. Very very very true to mind you can do the same but here's the thing when we disagree. We need to be OK would disagree. That's right and I don't understand why we can't just. These separate OK I did what I think he think we need things let's play basketball sense it. Carolina's win great assistant. I think we all get married.