The Nashville Civil War

Friday, June 10th

Country music is divided - and we just need to get along!

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You wake up with a won't show. The phone on do not disturb mode hell no what they want to further. Put it on here played well. I may get no money to go on vacation pummeled play like accidently get ahold of me. Move. BC Thomas Reynolds CMC or June 9 ushered did boy's arm around him. That's Devlin blown up they use a lot of B lawyers say in the CMT music awards really. Kind of. You know when I watch I had that look on my face is my husband walked in the rim and he is I want you make and that face on my I don't know what's happening right now but it let comfortable. That's it nobody really knows what's happening right now on in within the genre but there's a lot lot of people love it or hated or there's pieces of that you love winners pieces of it you go. Half a great example if you love this Sam hinds the Thomas who read the RMB sound right. You. A. The traditional leaning Blake in the traditional. Stapleton in particular. It's almost like we're having a civil war yes any country music you know. Perfect perfect that you said any any new cable could hear me. Okay. I am one John Wilkes Booth the way. From being completely out of this you've got no idea because no matter how many times you just try to rides. The north and the south the try to make everybody happy and I don't have the right so the other night. One of the guys here was alive I guess he's live FaceBook junior some crap this huge few words. Any little point now where the got a laugh the words or before. There's one comment that I refuse to see deleted here. Who saw picture of the guy from Florida Georgia line what's the one of the man bun that's Tyler. Tyler yeah. Yes he's the one they're allowed that he's big east always be allowed to sing my analysis yes goes yeah he was the one with playing the piano on the scene tea parties there's one guy and flow that The Who would leave the Florida where the Georgia Porter Jordan Weiner was allowed to sing on the last record heat that's BK you know you just stand in the background Slaton are. Yeah I'm rolling and rolling the dice a white guy I think is okay so it was a picture of Tyler Tyler manned on. It's playing the piano. And he looks. In two singing his new song holy. And the title of the song is spelled H here you go period L period Y period like. Match used to be with the gastric between Iraq and so the guy here posts the picture of man done from Florida Georgia line spells out holy as its title in somebody down below spells out the the relieved. Bad word for two. With series between Italy Japan and promote. Yeah. Add all you want to bet on me Larry so yes I'll have like half side edge. Read today effect you know I nobody got their own opinion it sums up exactly were we are now so now everybody's wandered around and like I said it's the civil war it's the northwards to the south it's the new modern. Vs the traditional roots and nobody could find an in between Indian Stephen Tyler literally out of nowhere. Comes up on the Ellen DeGeneres show and says country music's the new rock general. Who asks. And he says it ain't about porches dogs are kicking your boots up it's a whole lot more words about being real. So. Everybody else is seniors say and wait a minute what about Whalen cash Loretta would we've been so much better if they sing songs like love and an elevator. Right right. So I think it is Steven Tyler dis respecting country music and worries he kind of going well maybe that's where we're right now when. Well with him I think he's grasping at straws because he's a rock legend. And he's trying so hard to stay relevant and stay on the scene if he has to jump into a genre. He's gonna jump into it as. Easily as he can. Likable show did five Steven Tyler disrespect to country music in what is everybody else been known for so. Have you noticed the trend it's like when people have huge huge careers. And in that they got to a slump where they had nothing. They're just like oh. We're in a brand in Nashville and make friends with everybody about yeah keep our fingers crossed things work out and you have people to get lucky that my Darius Rucker only Indianapolis fish this year language you know. Let's be straight Darius trucker is doing country songs of duty to blow fayed did Hayley yeah. Definitely did gain you have people like no try not to laugh out loud and she just released a country album ready. Cindy. A locker. Really. You know what it is it's your uncle. It's the uncle they never got married yet and he's really uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite and listened as he gets older. And realizes that his heyday was in the regional championships that is county school football team and he blew it and the last play. That's only as a little too so what does he do he surrounds himself with the young people let's I think Steven Tyler here he. Hey look it may be your greatest song but you don't go in and make it Google the stuff he's trying to put that herein may be great for all I know but you can't come out and make a broad sweeping statement about. What the music industry is. Yeah I think it's just. I don't understand why he wants to keep ongoing he did a great thing yet degree all around. Money yet. So here's your ability to do this level here this is what I love about interviews aggressive the north and the south can't get along and here I am president Lincoln. The great thing about music is it if you can't nail it down and you can't put a box it automatically. Kicks complete but Iran. Means what makes we still come to work every morning and right. Playing songs that you never know I mean it could be some Dennis R&B with some hip hop they can be Maine like old school George Jones stuff. That's how we roll your pool feel.