Most Merican' Restaurant

Tuesday, October 11th


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A little showed good morning Carolina our flood of love to eastern North Carolina you wanna help. Good in 931 wolf country dot com for the specifically blister really if you bring by drugs and bleached. Black contractor trash bags rubber gloves bush groups that's its role in wanna turn taken down east that we have like fifteen big trucks thirty up from. Thirty of on demand into a container ship. I don't say and I think we can make it happen and check this out this guy named Dylan Neal he's open another new restaurant New York City it's called America. Yeah. Check this out. It'll feature walker Texas Rangers shows on big screens gun war memorabilia in a Donald Trump inspired burger. Wow I'm on at the teacher of murder it's got to has a roast cut of meat. In American and black pepper Jack cheeses that are separated by a wall of Indians have received much. Walter I knew it. Yeah. And here's the kicker the Hillary Clinton murder it is a triple bacon cheeseburger that splattered in Mac and cheese and falsely advertised as being a hundred calories. We'll talk about me giving you felt like actually we really don't calories. We clearly his glorious thing Hillary supporter that's.