The Most Expensive House on Zillow

Wednesday, August 2nd


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They'll run and glory and chase. Guys know that has been spending a lot of time online looking for houses. As we are at these early on under. And so I spent a lot of time line these. Web sites like zillow and real terror and all that kind of stuff looking up properties an area. About a nearly funneling aid to look up 16100 Pennsylvania happening there is where the White House says it's sure not have a listing on Villa it does show up it is what is that NATO if it has sixteen bedrooms nice 35 bathrooms works from 55000. Square feet nonsense what's really funny is that there's always a sense. Submit Intel is usually what they think it's worth. Ed 397 million dollars but if you wanted to ring to it. Probably about two point one million how much are relentlessly he's here. They going to describe it you what are some of the features of the features that that that this humble abode. As barbecue area basketball court it comes cable ready controlled access. A deck disability access. Double pane storm windows an elevator at its yard finished basement. Fireplace a fitness inner the soaring is carpet hardwood slate tiles there's a garden gated entry hot tub spot aren't. Near transportation. For those of either looking for yet his British and I got to have that somewhere nearby got that have that patio pool port security systems skylights security system. Architectures yet. Sprinkler system play any of storage. Tennis court vaulted ceilings which is a big sell around Allentown Ben Ali now master and what worries you about that those that heat loss like this you know I am concerned about adrenaline. And it comes with a view of the CD the park in its amended the nearby territory and probably easily and monuments yeah aunt. And also in this is the big selling feature. Has a web are. You know on sold yen as a way with Barton. The neighborhood aid is expected to our rise 3%. In that the near future for the estimated homes near my schools looking pretty good too in. The high school nearby is six edited rated. And this is really. Interesting that this part of the muscle and what kind of bars that they know it's where Clark was that I ever heard of that work. What bar is an home is like has I think that's what it has a little saint Lou. Say you have living rumored Dan area and off to decide dared to Arizona. Counter food gas and in Kansas kept in community can turn that into like a bar area where you have to have. The ability to make cocktails. Then a minute and they have that. So the big thing is you can flip through pictures for every house there's like a cover picture that you can flip through and looking kind of get a feel for what the home is in their 35. Very tasteful pictures of the White House up eat the scroll through just to see if this kind of meets yours and you reviewers are viewing. Well you can apply for loan deceive you approved diet do you do it with our news tasteful pictures tasteful nude think that. It's. Experience not at all down not at all. Around while continuing to work barn barbecue area knew ahead of them yeah this was a tumble the white Nelson feels real. You'll years. But why now not applied one man is. Sorry Jack got injured when we just don't know who's today's figures and yet very. I don't know. Immune to these pictures replacement.