Thursday, November 2nd


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I for quarries cool story are right. Devoted mother has moved in to a retirement home to look after her eighty year old sign. 8 Dickey and he is 98 in August. Had a moment where would she just right so aid a heating is 98 she's doing her eighty year old signed Todd. In the mosque you care home in Liverpool England Tom became a resident of lost you in 2016 with easy needed more care in support. I just over a year later aided decided to move into the same assisted living home because you never stop being a mom. Then. Eight and Tom are inseparable and loves big time again they're playing a game or two watching. Their favorite shows and hanging out with the staff. This is a clip from mom I say goodnight to Tom in his room every night and I'm going to say good morning everyday. She is that she's to be a nurse actually this. So when she goes out to the hairdressers he'll look for me to see what I'm coming back when it divac who comes in with his arms outstretched to give me a big. All com is happy to get to spend more time with mom tears. Philly steak or what. First of all war all. I never heard a story like that where mom moves into the old folks home to take care Versailles and youth in the old slow China. You're getting ready is to say something completely different right well my thoughts are and. December is night and he's he's trying to get rid of that woman for eighty years she followed him. I know I. Yeah he and.