May the 4th Nerd Challenge

Thursday, May 4th


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What is what is in your estimation Stallworth uber fan the best or worst movie ever it bearish or expect your quickly answer that that's number that's up so foray. Present three. Which one is it look at the disgust of the space by not knowing all the answers to these questions. Know what what which one is that hold on. Conflict one of the first when they came out it. And the Super Bowl and maybe that's the went island better. The better the better yeah. Steve Clarke eighth. Glasgow. So again you're saying the best ever was. Ever strike back at supply. Then why is that the best whenever. Because I like the writers inning special blowing at us now writing nearly wrote the force awakens and he's entering were actually he's writing mean next to come out here. Do you view deriding them so what are your thoughts about the new. Like the new ones that are coming out. Then he was just sitting back racquet in the money. Here here here you know get was it what was one of the things to do celebrate news is due to the may the fourth be with you day get caught on. Around another Star Wars bad mouth George Lucas yeah. Dona. Ana. Okay eating at yeah I mean I'm so glad you brought the franchise to that rooted in the recalls other and it's appropriate centers. Buy it from other. I'm glad Disney that part of it that to control. I'm all right. I can't which sealed really what they do with the rides in the attractions they do at the park so yes I remember years ago win win they came out with that first. A Star Wars attraction did they call that start two hours. Did you ever do go on and was seen at that time I thought it was absolutely amazing because here's basically what it was. You would you go in and see the line to keep through. The forests were all well. You know a little TC please don't hear the music you want you were just you want or village. She glory to go there you go in that puts you in the simulator thing and which actually was on. These big piston type things which actually made the thing them around the it was a screen like you're you know you're going to it was really it could tie and a very cool rod so here in the force and an indoor. Yes you are that's the whole thing yeah I think he's cute dump. So anyway now they've got some new stuff. That's supposedly just nine blow. Your mind blowing you know Disney does what does Disney do now. Star Wars cruises. Line as trustee of and you look at this we talked about how we're gonna take our daughter on like her first cruise and my husband pointed out. Immediately without even in the you know why they had common Ellie what I think Star Wars crew. Star Wars truth is I can't believe it stimulus bill. That mean all the characters on there and they walk around in costumes in the dual Iowa is that what do you do when you know constantly you mean. In care terror I don't. And on what else would he handle anything that's correct and views that are out and talk it's got to be convincing president Arcsight. Carolina capturing 931 though wolf 651 it's stale Korean chain swing and a with a wolf rain later today. 7557. Now. Today is may fourth and down that means a lot of things it means for their man. That means and Torre's getting ready go on her spur of the moment weekend. Which is shocking because she's not a spur of the moment person. She Allison comes in the middle of the week goes you know what. I think UT three day weekend. Would that be cool and as I just I just got to do aha so she spent the last two days frantically last minute planning she's finally snapped. Any longer went on to an empty just need. To get away and I do and maybe this weekend. May the fourth also means it's may the force to be with. Tired and android. It's a tribute record producer and Star Wars trivia for you later and contradict you but right now if I guess I get some thing envoy tributaries. Guys. Honestly like three. Can it be that deep dark or Helm of the movies probably don't I. And see how we do your question one what we're Luke's pot and uncles jobs on tend to lean their former what kind of farmers. I've just always armor. They were more wished your form a line to eighth all it doesn't and how many languages is C three PO fluent in. Oh god that's in the thousands. No he no he sits at 11 more recently trying to tens of hundreds of thousand okay when more than six million computers too heated yet. Which. You're embarrassing all star where it stands right now. What is the will he's home world and how do you pronounce it. Mean he's completely stopped. What did it. Can you pray now that el. Sheikh he seek. And what you get one. Who actually. Now I'm not gonna do Ellen that's too easy refused to give you something that I think is too easy to shop hearse was. That's in doubt that that the heart and Abdullah are you let the best part of this whole scenario is this. Dale asked chase to put together a couple trivia questions irbe made a fourth be with you for concert ticket. It chase coughed dad and said I won't make them too easy listen and instead dealt with like one more. Which characters partially named after George Lucas's on. I'll go law. Hell I don't even though his son's name. Isabel way Dexter. Jester. There jets are groomed you know is really like you saying that's because you dove into the Graham owns the 58%. Now. You foot pounds. And I'm on Star Wars fans point. It's you'll today. I'm disappointed in your artwork knowledge. You blew it he blew it in pretty basic question. It's. He went into the third ring of hell I was only sex. And and you wasted you wasted the whole thing your your your star or friends or lighten. Matt yeah I need to act. No that's why did you miss an apple plan. All right here and that I know more than anybody in this room. Quickly is on record that X two right now ironically or. I've seen Amitabh McCain so I'm rally in and you aren't nor are you really think I'll do it. Channeling the ones. I remember enforcement and which movie does the camera pan back. Through the crawl. At this continue attack of the clones. Question two I gave him three I'll give you are. What species stole the plans to the deaths. Well okay visit your question. Technically with the bought into that they had health friend Jane Erstad. Finally what was the original name of the first Star Wars movie when it went into production and oh my god working time. Carried her it didn't really really long line and Sunday night. It features of blue star killer. I've taken from the journal of the will. Not they'll wind does to our water. Right chase seen him I've seen all of the movie one time. I don't understand why you had so much trouble with this question. Sergeants. And finally cornered mirror it.