Man's Pants Catch Fire in Costco

Monday, March 20th


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All right so imagine here. During a little shopping Costco and the guy beside you in the aisles picking it catches on fire. At it and this poor guy was in Moscow and Washington State on Thursday and his cell phone caught fire in his pocket it basically exploded in these priests. But the pants caught fire. He managed to get the pants out before he got any serious burns. Put his pants were pretty much destroyed. So the manager Costco steps and gives him a pair pants fiercer than forget what you augur ally says here's a pair of Kirkland Jeanne. Yes. We're used to take back. To the back room and change because we can't have you looked around the store would you burn that passed through its own exploded at the end this was an ill Gphone wasn't on the sand so LG phone that that exploded I guess it was one of those battery issues with the battery exploded and cost enough spark to catch his pants on fire up the first of all he's lucky he didn't get some serious injuries from that. But I mean. Imagine pocket their position kind of are on the front area right. Yes they are you and they are right around that front area. And as a guy I can tell you right now you don't want that front area on fire notes application lets you know I no explosions no fires no. Overheated battery anywhere near the front area. And so this poor guy he's okay. How how how embarrassing would that be imagined being in your pants catch on fire you. You have no choice but to take them all and then you can't colony by it can get big Q or even the injury unit owns destroyed and I then you have to lock up to somebody else with no pants on their excuse me aren't. I. And your pants if you don't money and unfortunately though the managers stepped up again. Broussard.