Wednesday, August 16th


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Poor schools or to Ari today's story is to prove TUD it is never too late to find love dale could never Dele. You ready. Right so ninety year old woman named her tree on and in 94 year old man named Alvin. Friend Middletown New York just got married Alvin dirty Alvin injury he had eaten those ninety and I explored how did they meet yeah. He GM wanted to. I'll answer back Plano dirty was only ninety now only 86 they were working out at the same gym and in mutual friend introduced him that he. It as a like aging maybe you should get along. A best way to from previous marriages and he started dating. But clearly even at their ages they were willing to take their time this is it too he years before they decided to get married. Or treat blazed the when he finally proposed als and Toshiba to yeah she's like listen here I'm not getting any younger I was taken yet. They say they're happy to spend the rest of their lives together and they're not worried about how much time they have left. Age doesn't mean a damn thing to me or thirty. I don't see barrier we still we still wanna do what we wanted to do in line. Yes. There's still hope. It's alone DOT's into the gym romantic nights in June with slant Alvin bench pressing birdied yeah.