Lochte Apologizes-Corie Doesn't

Monday, August 22nd


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Good morning you're waking up with the wolf eight we'll give you another listen of the new here church June on the wharf will premiere. Love that it currently. Under in 21 medals American of one of Maria 12821. America. Wow if I could have what are my neck on I on Saturday but no little impatient with the wiggle worm. When Kathleen baker were in Winston-Salem. We didn't know that Ryan Lochte is from Charlotte. I don't know I took tennis and embarrassed that I didn't know that we were all concerned about his kids being home fire and we couldn't. With the children to Charlotte we could have been over it I was a Douglas international airport paying on liar liar pants on fire now so. Yes I think that his level of lively now is not like I couldn't say. That we'll open things that are dishonest. Mean and I found myself if he did an interview now Lara the week and he actually apologizing. I'm just really sorry about I'm embarrassed. For myself my family. Especially those guys do USA swimming. The whole Olympic Games phone everyone watching. We ought to just takes intention the attention completely off the fact the school the US swim team dominated. Right it does half. Athlete in Winston all the way down to Michael Phelps and all those right. This does become like number one we talk about number one or number tube and it. Since then you remember like this is this is what my memory will be sent him well it's like Michael Phelps looked during a real I couldn't think about. Anything other than the fact that four years ago grant the Olympics and no this. Smoke him we'd been bragging in driving all that can now. You know well. We forget that these are just normal people tee just because they're Libyans I mean they weren't. Intended to eat these role models they're just athletes and he got a you've got a good point he you've got a really good. I'm at but still I think we all deep sometimes we all say things that. Maybe aren't 100% honest. Really for example OK fine I'll I'll deep into my Al Deen in my closet and saying you've got little Ryan Lochte knew maybe maybe not the same level you tell me Harry I'll tell you story you tell me when are on the level of lilac that it is kept telling college I had a friend. Girlfriend he would be enough cash he was total jerk he was read her. No good for her she was like head over heels I'm gonna marry this guy and he was. We all knew the he is probably cheating on her and we didn't know for sure he didn't have any hard truth. The one night we come back from announced the ours in we tell currently K girl I personally you know we saw your your boy making out with another girl. No they didn't actually happen we can really see him making out another girl did you even see him there now. We knew he was in Palo. Is it the same zip code did not even so way whereas here here's here's the thing that so we early case of girl led like. Mean this isn't the trust tree I'm telling you that this happened that don't be thrown my name and right. So says she called him up and she's like my friend song you. Making out the girl and of course he's like minority talking about or whatever they broke up and you know what she's happily married woman now. With a perfect little life. And I had. Like some of that credit. Should be prepared really did she would have totally you know what this. Jerk in CD's you weren't happy look on the scale of reverend Lovejoy to Ryan Lochte and you're like Ryan Block do. I wasn't even in the bar you even in the place immediately made that up yeah. Kind of machine.