Life Hacks: Gotta Pee, Here's What Ya Do

Thursday, February 22nd


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Airline Petrino and cruel all of these life tax and different kinds of things that you need 100 no if you did that now what happened are you know if you did that. And I found some of these the other day I thought I would share some of these with you on. I was never good at holding my breath underwater for long period of time. I mean how I would true I just one very good at it I don't know why. And I can certainly hold my breath longer dissent here. That I could but I wonder why I'm here I guess I don't know. There's if you hold your breath underwater or longer to your series and short breaths instead of one huge inhalation it tricks your brain into thinking it has more oxygen. And allows you do it for longer. And we eat here head to falsely put a nap or get in the morning and get your arms sleep in again as I hate dead feeling and I mean really asleep. Just to revive an arm that is falling asleep rock your head. From side to side this reduce the tension in your neck and help to ease the pins and needles sensation in your arms much quicker. When Andy very odd to wake up next with the money that's what they're doing it is there's an editor Rick why then aren't I had to. Arm. We've all ahead of me if you get kids man you want me in the situation where you can't GameStop crime having a fit babies. If you want suppressed he embarrassing situation. Of the crying baby that won't stumped as walkway dates. Mikey is this yeah. They're child. Hold your eyes wide open without blinking. This from Purdue this will prevent the tears from forming if you just hold their eyes go all payers not your camera and a Stanley. Usually I get there is admitted to me trying to not cracked yeah. It was kind of instinct and everyone's familiar with the desperation of urgently needing to go to the bathroom to. Simply think about six. What I'm never tried it but that's what that's what that says it works. I think general calls a whole other issue. Hamid Ali you know troublesome frankly another embarrassing condition that this recent threat.