Tuesday, October 11th


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Okay. We'll show on display in Korea get more yeah. If you don't want hang on a high SAW info on how I can help our neighbors down east Tom Paine just devastation this morning and from all this floods and stuff from hurricane Matthew. But we've got a plan. Arrogant people who. Get the real talk about got in the late. Was dressed of the splattered every love succeeded. And a sweater hale was his name. I don't know he asked the question at this thing in sweater on and just look like you everybody and her Brothers just like cotton feel like fighter game. Nice as the best he says that he played in the home where like wearing a suit. Played with a suit on. It didn't realize that that suit only fit him like thirty pounds ago all I even have engaged in his car to drive to the debate. Moves would paint so he has little blue jeans and a yeah. This really cool. Red sweater and I. Woes campaign for casual left allow you to buy clothes that fit you. If you win 1000 dollars right now. Keyword is Blaine ended in this plane is your land this land my land. That he's 7088 line and you could win 1000 dollars towards their texting and driving that is ridiculous you've got fifteen minutes detects.