Kelsea's Near Shark Attack, Why Tyler Hubbard Says Child Birth isn't For Men and more in your Music City Minute

Monday, January 8th


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Carolina capturing 93 want the wolf they'll Brian Dorian chasing a fifteen now everything that's news in Nashville here it is the music's any minute. The newly wed kielty gallery he recently ran to a shark. While on vacation. She tweet it out jumped in the water daily vacated told us up there wasn't anything theory because it was too shallow and I kid you not. We go to look at efficient yards later in the same spot there is a shark circling the hut goodbye cruel world I can tell line. That is scary I'm scared of sharks. And in warm weather and warm waters news you got to watch it I mean you can see he's overhead picture sometimes that people post helicopter pilots and plane pilot. We'll post each overhead pictures of the waters off of like Panama City Beecher. Wherever and is just full. Well I Coca beach is near where I easily nice live like a couple minutes out of the ears that's with one of the hot spots for sharks. In the summertime and so that was a normal thing on the news where it was for them did you show like. You know hit a couple of yards off because just hundreds of them very scary. On an other news of the week in Gary locks to arrest caught on fire. He was on his way to a heightened Tripp in it he says my brother Kevin and I got out it happened so quick. We could've been could've been a very different story if ammunition would have caught fire Lazard 2018 thank you lord. Or covering at this month's bill license. So. Here's the difference between you. And V. And people like gear. When we on the negate pickup truck he'd go on tour right yeah I fighters that right. That's scary than. Some countries all that Florida Georgia line Tyler Hubbard. And his wife Haley gave birth to their daughter Olivia rather lose in east and I think it's something that god doesn't let me in has for a reason I don't know if we can get through it a 100% new respect for both Haley in all women can have a well. It's a beautiful thing inhaler was really strong and common relaxed could've been couldn't have been more out of the hole and so true if we were up to me and there would be no more children no more children via. Ari and is just and then kind of find the National League and junior Italians named the best mannered people 2017. When my favorite Thomas ran it made the top team and of course he. He does it comes across so so well in all of his videos and post he does well mannered nice here we go beyond that though I'm not an ally. More on yes you Madeline and not quite in the top. Yeah alongside him was an element favorites joining gains David Beckham Selena Gomez in Myanmar. Young David David Beckham I've never seen him behind anybody I know doesn't have any of those things 850 tuna.