Kathleen Baker

Tuesday, August 9th


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It's clay it clearly super mega proud of by team USA. Flat out dominate we're still believe in the middle count right yes I don't know who. Did you watch it be the swimming events yesterday. I did it adding get to watch it but I got our recaps this morning down and I was super comps palette up this morning to see our Earl old I don't know it's incredible Kathleen baker from Winston-Salem news with the silver. Yesterday. Would drive from Winston-Salem to Charlotte. The press I guess and every day right Ali I'm sure. If this is American swimmer Ryan Murphy winning the gold medal in the of 100 meter backstroke. Hundred meter power strokes if you really wanna. If you really wanted to land it is this morning. Ford diesel. Again. So yes this is Ryan Murphy David Plummer David Plummer runway won the bronze. Ryan won the gold is Newsome talked about here this is great. That means you to join this group of very elite American Baxter workers there is everything. Earlier on this trip we got to the stack of letters from boxers I've won here in the past. Soon there appears songs like Peters. You know the list goes on and on. You hear the words of support. Them and everything to me peninsular and everything it's a dividends and Eunice. Not that they sent up for us it's suitable. That just mean the CIA team USA just keep on kick him but you know it's cool that they got letters from previous like. Winners like that is so cool as a whole other culture and this thing that I love about what what the Olympics are doing for a sky and around here. Is it you know. We had two weeks to. Rest all the butter in the timeline in your remark or your reader quickly reminded that there's so much good. Mom going on it just never gets any publicity so in the sense of this what you were saying before mailing the letters prayed pumping him up and all that. They're like hey we support you. And even the big story comes back out of this Kathleen baker from Winston-Salem new. Would go from Winston to Charlotte every day of practice. But really a lot of ways she has plenty reasons why maybe she would have made it in the Olympics right. We that he knew this or not she has Crohn's Disease. And I mean that's and zap your energy yeah no I live. A life accommodating condition and now your whole life really centers around that and as. Think she went on the record as saying that she needed this to be sending it limit her from swimming she really wanted to push through and you know I Bennett because of all the Portuguese it's. From right here named man and Triad that's all very proud of her silver medal winner and just all around incredible assists and eighteen years old. Proud to beat from Carolina and we are proud.