Justin Moore interviews Little Big Town.mp3

Saturday, February 4th

You want to know the truth about touring with Luke Bryan? Listen as Justin Moore gets Little Big Town to be real for a second!

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I don't know what the heck I'm. Yeah I'm Justin Morneau buying in with mark miles from little breakdown. It is anybody else he has. I'm you know how it feels to be an interview where we've done is so it's hard. On who did it manifest a couple of years and he's it's there I don't feel like I'm good at either. Of the yes you are not out of our epic volley you guys because I just don't single out on a yacht they would put amounts timely. And so I didn't realize that we're putting the song now we and invite the label calls made their own seller we were second most added ago in the crib made it. So little big town so you're grads are all that's here income earlier guy and we've never been most now. So this time lag time. College and who's a better man in in a story on. Its you know story of heartbreak man that Taylor. She can't. She did she sent out artists out and said hey. I have this song that I love what you think about it and we loved it in the the course is just so beautiful the morality that. Leary she's an M she's an amazing writer and I don't think she gets credit for that a lot of dodger she's she's a great writer she's really good and knowing her audience. Yeah kill it that's mean what you guys do when there's two different but it's it there's there's an art to do knowing your audience wants to hear absolutely an insult that's very cool it was nice to she says she never pitched outside any other cars specifically in mind which you know we're really honored. First applaud. So the song finished two in the Cairns vocalist it's beautiful yeah I think yeah I think you gas garner a lot of respect from other artists which I think is probably the the biggest compliment you can I salute every artist on no including myself goes there's a nice. Hang in downtown L president Graham Linehan after an hour. If you're. I'm going on about almost a decade so you guys are probably. Throughout the room her serve her her years yeah have you noticed any room somewhere around there. I'm kind of they gave provides hope to people like me and actually be invited to the C in my award notice that with a 'cause I have tank. So markets up more than an incident that a young had a newfound commitment we underwear maker had period it's going for a what about UNC union almost becoming just came out we I personally was you look like I needed to damage congrats on and cast your recited in and we put that out. Helms or it's exciting it's fun to have him around it's it's it's a ground. We're glad that we only to do it every 23. Because it does count at least for me it's like Sonoma CA and down in the sentiment out. Let's writing and passion do songs and then get them right in the stadium and it's it's awesome but you're right it is so. And I think he gets harder every time. Yeah it did they yell like this sign process and that you have in the past it's been really isn't always different. I think it's different every time yeah because this stuff from may have stolen that we recorded all the tracks in three days wow so. I've went and found all the songs and then and then track to winning. Well at camp that the studio yeah that's about Logan's you know and and being on the road that that adds a different element to the coming in and out sometimes that that's kind of what we experienced this time it was a little bit different from that perspective do so than live Brian where access Leno so hard it is yeah. He's ever hand any Jenkins today. Well he's just an awful person all the way. He's so mean and all the town topic does somebody that knows their crowd yeah Blaine guy is crowded. Guys in the naslund as a rat. Me. Accurate. And is it combinations to the last one of the right. Now it doesn't matter you know TI he broke his collarbone and I was expecting the hip replaced at all. Funny dichotomy there is that he has absolutely no rhythm. I'm recognized with a mechanic and on notice that the big difference. It is like is an. Up and get you know. And then back. That's and so little bit of good story when he held a next year. We just announced that we're gonna do you're the first ever in residency around an editorial just continue to be more and more Indians and a half I. All of a sudden this little tells us I believe Alex class so right man it's. You know that is celebrating 125 year around in and they wanted to do something special and so this residency it just makes sense for the town it's like. There should be a residency in and night in Nashville with Iran and so I think it's such cool thing for us to be the first people to do it it's that's all such an honor to be more on and we'll try to get moment on I guess it's. He knows he's yeah he's yeah they love it vice gasp make an easy on me and I jumped out there a backup plan for and you call up pretty Susan you are getting is our New York and I again thank you.