Jill spent her graduation money on what?!

Thursday, June 9th

Jill made a smart choice at a young age to spend her graduation on the following trip!

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Getting flooded with wedding and graduation invitations. All we ask Greta I graduation was over right. You know years is that the random question if you send me graduation invitation do you want me to show loved your graduation. Why I think you have to put that ticket in to show up if you're getting graduation invitations about the ticket that just means they want you to write in the Czech. No yeah. Really. They lie here right in the chin I know they'll look back. Well eat what you do then the way that it came about is you wanna send the graduates cash because hopefully they put it towards their college AJ she's. You sit there and hopefully hopefully they would end and and I know. Specifically Suh of the food the graduating seniors they've sent me. This thing go users from around Honolulu and I think you do. You know it was one of those people. New York I'm embarrassed to say ask them my high school graduation money on senior weekend Myrtle Beach. Should now you understand the struggle thank you the struggles real that I don't want new. And fuel to a blue ranger frankly so do when you get a graduation imitation do you do with a mean you don't really go that you need thing. He had an on the refrigerator for a couple weeks until you've tired looking at their. Don't even do that to season to start at our own agree oh known forever more. Adult thing is just so how are hard to.