Jet Packs Will Finally Be Available This Summer

Tuesday, April 18th


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Carolina country 931 on the wolf snail Bryan Corey. They are finally coming to market they should be available in mid. New this year middle of the issues in August July August. Should be ready you know. This in inventor and Australia. Has promised his stuff is going to be available. Mind about August. Early. Orders. But 250000. From one. That's how much it cost to get one in the jet pack two and 50000. Non it will fly person and up to sixty miles an hour. Okay and now our take ten minutes until we get our first bet is that really. It's of the JB ten. On development these two Australian guys has made about 400 test runs Monaco. And over downtown London and New York City. But the partners realize the ultimate success will require that the fuel tanks be downsized. And that the craft can be powered electric. And now they're seeking crowd funding for both that model and a larger one to accommodate the Pentagon's special operations command tactical needs a lot. Are so what type of safety equipment he begins the where have landing like a helmet I don't think you gonna do the job but what else could you can leave you where like a flight suit flame retardant flight suit type thing they don't know what else did you put on. We'll iron and he has a full suit all right and he with his. I mean I'm the same and I don't think I want to do it and let to have apple and Iron Man costume. Now that would be fun to walk and in particular dress and an Iron Man. Flying in the jet yes that's the only way it can happen then you'd be screaming you. Nagin coloring in yes and didn't think about it they fly to Bahrain news like that. And register yourself a bit of everything. Yeah I think you probably have to go through like flight school. For these packs there's no way they can do is release you into the air that you can't pick these up but Theres an end. Date they beat you up and very be very good are they tell you aren't slanted your dad is the unity and that's pretty much talk is gonna go to that area there. Discuss this thing on who these buttons. Don't hit this by the importance. To it and growth during the day I get it but yet there's no mention of any sort of training or licensing business to go line. Before you can strap one of these things while they're definitely never let that happen there's got to be that type of it yeah. Again targeted in life and you get to that hasn't done your radio to get yeah. I'll be available in July similar stuff.