Wednesday, September 13th


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And it's bald is beautiful day in half a beautiful day and that's all right so if you're bald today's your day to be beautiful. So polished that don't follow their own again luscious hair like dale. Was not my day yes. Today all of this University of Pennsylvania study reveals that bald men appear to be tougher taller. Stronger and more powerful than others they're seen as having greater potential as leaders mostly about the bald guys in the rock. And mr. clean mr. Grayson says tidy act they ask Jason staying. The ball like I. I don't have a problem when baldness I'm just saying. Not everybody can you and I has been threatens me with shaving his head bald all the time but is he went pristine in the military. Disk clean balding and really his Forte and we and I resolute no it is not in says some people would better than others. I think. Hole or guys probably looked better bold. Then guys who were not quite so tall. Home I EC most of do you know I'm thinking of other bold those stars right now you live by Bruce Willis he's bald. Yeah this guy that plays I paint him breaking man. We asked the cameras may you know I'm telling you know steady as he always older was he just bought for the Shen I think he's always evolved as he's in a new movie he's vaulted well. And he made me of one of these guys like like Bruce who lost this year. You know reimbursed as losses there Bruce Willis losses here right so he should techcrunch Amarillo. A lot of he would do it yeah so it's keeping day it's one of the number one fears of mean to lose their hair. He's a big deal for a lot of guys especially the ones who have what they call that male pattern baldness or. We're the center. Yes it appears he's still err on the side slick. I think it kind of starts one of QA this is what I noticed our around the wolf anyway is that. You either do it. Did too right at like here Michael widows PLO are relying on how large could damper on this thing and do you get it to right on the they have receding hairline or. A circle right on the top. Like. I'm not saying I'm not conduct any names okay yeah how do you feel about being bold. I mean it receding hair line you've you're when he speaks you don't have a receding hairline. I don't care. Still Maltby ball wouldn't bother you are always certify if I started to go bald. Down the middle like debt and a IG shape and dishing it out yeah I just I do Hannibal I don't. See I I think I don't see the wrong with that I think it just embraced it Cynthia with like a gray hair the difference between men and women is that. Mints or to get a little bit of good solid heparin grade they just look bitter they just keep looking better with age while women we just get worse. We look worse every year mints and Al give more attractive. Give it can get a couple I then looked below their grade my husband has little gray coming in and it look it's not fair. First of all thank you. Yeah. Secondly. Unfortunately your your your right. Although hey you're although. I do your that you see women you have this big shock of silver hair. He had asked alike at all yet beautiful thing that looks great. You know tax do you think you'll win one of my best friends. Her mom Darlene is turning she'd. Started to get a little bit grey and say she did this whole thing on an NC Graham and FaceBook about going gray. And it just embraced it and just didn't let her hair go natural it's beautiful yet so I wish more people we do that. There's all kinds of grooming products for men who were bold you can buy little section of the store what you might not real. Is that there is a whole segment of the population is sort of a sub culture really that. Shaving. Is their hobby. It really pay each hit he hit a ball this is new and is it has nothing to do with women's shaving their leg various other. Parts or as a wide receiver. I like air just. These guys will host there's. There's literally hundreds of videos. On YouTube of guys putting that stuff about changing. The video of him shaving could be in the field. But you have to admit there are relaxing videos of like a straight blade like a barber. Known that I do an angry be out like that wrote RAZR now I'm nearly one slide finishes well. Hello and it's patsy way to was terrible TV if creeps me out I can go my anxiety. Raising just speaking about when the question is would you let a guy and a clown costume show you with a straight razor yeah that of course. I care is the attraction for a hollow way I. Barber shop all dressed in clown suits shaving you with a cut throat singing as a quartet yeah. Again you've got it and I'm. Thank you that's our Halloween haunted house yeah.