Tuesday, August 8th


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Brian Dorian chase this topic came in yesterday in my in Kabul people on the radio station I sort of walked into the conversation and they said well. We don't do this and hear a similar maybe then we hit the discussion topic was that if this was directed at the guy at the time but it could go either way. If you were to walk into the bathroom at work and your boss is in the bath. Would you turn and leave the bathroom or not now let me set this up they say I would leave a file locking in Europe ambassador tale. Yeah listen. This was directed at the Mayo dispose those who does is say things Xbox bright but it could be applied to the woman you're going to bathroom. An assistant intra and there is a urinal and there's the stall to. If you go into the bathroom and your boss is there. Occupying the urinal slot do you turn around the league or do you go ahead and go into the stall it. They've also got this forms or any need help there. So what would you do would you leave her would you take Cuba's install. There are only one year and on there there is one OK so your choices either the you're an all or the style but let's say there's two he handles the side look beside your boss and I don't know particularly that exact question girls don't really have that problem because it's always gonna stop there's no open Oilers lost a little bit of a deep to hit. An eight unit. But if you go in two and a restrooms and there are twos and you know that your boss and the other so do you go in now thrown into the or do you I leave and come back and doing another history and they get totally depends. If you're in for a quick visit of the never one variety is going to get an yeah injured or something else you're going in there for another reason then. Absolutely just when he certified in other rather somewhere out on the planet. I know one more just somewhere. On the 11 Olmert as I don't know that's called the single bathroom and I was like a 11 hour. Then comes back these we were doing and now houses sometimes it was a wonderful words sometimes there's a two or two dollars a few people Apple's holding I can hop acts. So you you would you would you would determine whether or not you're gonna do that but whether or not you're gonna do number one or number two we. Also have their couple other things that come into play when you open the door if there's certain cloud that smacks you in the face in just shut the door get out you don't like for an end then. You have to. Know that you know what's gone on secondly do you have a chit chat with the other person in the mouth no no CI coals burned this there's no talking in there right. Not everybody in our building feels that way. Someone told me whenever I was brand new year that we have several. Bathrooms are building they say look if UPD a private moment and that's him go Everett. To back in its next to the Waltz and nobody ever goes there he went to the Mexican buffet lunch. Canada he took longer regulate the bathroom right you would go you one of the most and you need privacy right so so wine. In my first couple weeks here's at look if you need I'm just telling you media vacuum there that without winning and there. And those who would in their delight to kind of. Somebody walks in and says he shared with today it's not the and so then in your face on viewing bonds are you just you are aegis eyelid. But a doozy. I urge you thank spoken goals against courier new year I think it's really all they think about it is. A little. As you click housing all you like getting here like on it. That there's an unspoken rule there's no talk no talking in the bacteria there is no talking you've just got to place to have. Second no I don't feel sunny. Yesterday caterers in the matter of and I walked in there and he did knows mean Allen uses stones stood there as it. I'm Josh are seldom weird anyway hey. Good. It did it but it hit so no talking. Losses and doing your business she's in and out the door yes common courtesy for your bonds if they're there and your business dissent Doran and leave aren't thrilled they're now.