Impulse Shopping - The Truth Comes Out

Thursday, February 22nd


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All right. On anymore. You say you make over the course of the year is the guys I'm really. Take a guess of the number Henry L I mean I leadership dark. A hundred organizing you know you put a hundred on yours coming museum during the year of 250. Or the average person is spanking a 156. Impulse buys here. And spending a total of old is worth Gunner don't don't please this is over a lifetime now this number so it's not a year but it's over life attempting guests on the number and amount you're spending over your lifetime on impulse behind. Fifty hearing loss if done at a car in an Avnet. 45. 324000. Dollars for blowing. On impulse buys over the course of your loan nano. Here's here's the here's the results service. The average American makes a 156 impulse buys a year over the course life's been 324000. Dollars on Stuckey were not on anybody when you left. Top five impulse buys made. In America right now re cica televisions. Number five beautiful five report number five she use. A new and I think a lot that's done by women women love the issues. And 20% sitting impulse buy shoes. Number four take out food and food delivery. Yeah I know is that considered an ample II president outlined number you didn't think your way you Lou if any act. Number three household items you know I had a picture frame him more a side table or you know what I. Can you buy a new house team that's what happens to go to Wal-Mart. It's just over to Asia like duty that we leave him and Kurds in the ring you really need going to get as. I think what happens when you're spending on on you that you mentioned curtains you know. And if you'd seen a picture of my place and I had done I don't have any other bright red just blind person you should look up. He can't get hurt don't know honorary race you know what happens when you escalate when you go from. This is an okay price to this is ridiculous is when a curtains and draperies transfer to window treatments. Hello yeah oh yeah. Actually that's the point where you're overspending when you're not that important but you're buying window treatments yeah I. And the number one. I guess the number one thing is a car. No home no impulse and I remember once ads put an category don't don't let them think of when things with some rain or what is it involves my one electronics no. To be close its food and grew trees. Clothing is number two to 53% the number one thing is food and grocery 71%. Impulse buy at the grocery store. And three out of four Americans say they bought candy at the register before while waiting in line yeah. Until you bikini Al fall for the trap every time but it's those that go deals man smiling yet wine dribble we don't need to bags jets but it they're gonna BT fifty each two for five then. I'm getting my. Exactly you know Barbeque it's all band when you're in the checkout line they have a cheeky ends it all led the peace and all that right there. A pull off all of me if frosty rotisserie on his ticket and I just think item and I are now I would come their for toilet paper and there's a there's a rotisserie chicken sitting there I'm going alliance. I guess I could call an exact looks delicious smells great. On the way. What strikes me I don't know whether it struck you or not but what struck me when I read this was not repeat. Three out of four Americans say they bought candy at the register report. So that means of 25% of people have never done it you have it you're not an American and how could you not hit over. Bought candy and a cash register while you're waiting you lied to that's why I expect it to small percentage of people that are super health conscious adult and children clearly. You can hear that did you their quake I McCain the person I like candy and I like specific kinds of candy like your body just as your user count. I have got up and left my house to go buy candy before Christmas of Lady Gaga that's out of talking about it anyway I don't know it's just exempt.