Implanted Microchips Required For Your Job?

Wednesday, August 2nd


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Oratorio about this company and its out there who sounds like something our company would do. I saw this yesterday and I thought I know the wave of the future. On this tech company. It goes nameless its location goes nameless. Has just microchip. Its employees and I guess hey they use it to open doors. Used in the machine's. Clock in. All this kind of stuff. And I was curious would you would you take a job. At a place that low Jack Q. Is essentially what they're doing. You know these one of those may be seeing them on television link to shoot and you're skin renewed and it's sort of a permanent. Yes I never do that. Really I don't I don't know that I liked an idea although money talks and hit it further right seller okay I'll let him inject. Well you know what a so how does that make your life easier and opens the North Korea. You don't have to carry around. This is a problem with you when and how often do you forget your badger I'm digging through my purse to try to find it. It is there's probably a side include in there somewhere that if you go to applied to another job. They'll find you know known and know come back home. We'll legal for a news today. The microchip. That is injected is also a GPS device. And so they know where you are at all times. And one of the things that the have on record is doing. In the early stages of this program. All was one that one of the incidents was with the new employee. Who became loss. Coming to work. And call. That the office and said you know on and on lost I don't have the address with me. You know I'm driving and the traffic and they're able to. Navigate. Using the Chia who now. And I don't want that and I don't I'd I just nobody. What do you get like kidnapped her okay so you're looking at the positive side you can you can I don't guy here. I found that I I just I don't like all of this Big Brother. Stuff it's not it is I'm not doing anything that it happened he died from anybody but I just don't like the well what is does is it her NT for me what do hardworking and beach. And I noted in a good point that's educated like. And sick in bed inflate. Now they know that your really emerald beach as you just but basically you're good with the with the LoJack and you're you're you're okay with the chip. Yeah I think so there's no way to know for sure that they would I I'm not down with the GPS tracking I'm not down with the whole knowing where I am all the time. I'm not not okay with that there's no way to know that they will indeed that is how like. You have the ability to do something that you assume that they wall I don't know that I trust the company cannot do that. We know yours you can be tracked by your phone that thing is is only certain people in the government and the ability to do that you. You'll see committee TV shows is now you're you know I've hack into the phone system you know Joseph back in nineteen kit track your phone and and I know that a phone can be triangulation on an end and gotten into a certain. You know area. But truth is the most sophisticated equipment there could pinpoint you within 68 feet. You know of weirdo or where the device is looking at device you're carrying the device with a but man this chip there's no mistaking yet that this the it would they won't know within inches of where you are it every second of every single day day and night. Let go to let's look at this a different way what about like kids he thinks that it would be a good idea did she get. Your kids Alex you do pets that you know where they are all this Anke my only the things that get into that at bat acting as a leash yeah. Pray for me I miss him. I don't I don't like plus plus let's let's let's forget the good at tracking part of the Big Brother part. What what's that thing do you inside your body yet and I is there any sort of long term effect from having this in all I got my body pump all of preserve wooded and caffeine in a middle created. There isn't there is and I don't know what a boy in more on the topics I and you know. Arizona area near the lawyers say your good biscuits and gravy in the Diet Coke haven't hurt him in the right then load of political little LoJack Jim van Gundy must. It's OK you know if you did a pleasure and a business grade did hit it tends not gonna get much of pleasure and having this big stainless steel gun showed up in arms. And something shot underneath you're scared yeah I know is I just I'm just I'm just I wouldn't I don't wanna work for a company that does that. But we're getting to the point where I think that something like this is going to be fairly commonplace in the news new twenty years or so it is going to be what what they want to do. Men and a nine and a handling here no. A year yet you do it probably it really is. Let's negotiate that's where we believe you are put implanted in my arms to negotiate on that yeah. I don't even like needles gonna charge you Reynolds place. In my time my body's value both. Let's like that it is a guy that's changing gears completely begin while you go into. Go to sporting goods store. And you go to the athletic we're section and there are many maybe. T shirt with these companies' logos. Nike with a big Nike swoosh on nine under armour all the silly stuff. Why am I. Gonna pay Nike. 25 dollars. For a T shirt with a zero logo on it so I can turn around and advertise for the they need to pay and meal where that Iraq and north ultimately that does not do I refuse to find those shirts. For that reason I can get a cotton T shirt anywhere anywhere. I can get a tribal and shirt like they sell Nike tee you it's got three I can buy that anywhere. It doesn't know their low point for a third of what they're gonna charge you for just won't do at this time. I want you hate I think it's 75 bucks a month I'll Wear the shirt into. Whose outward everyday. Letelier was that low jacking your city get yourself LoJack by your company starches spanking doesn't in the win him anyway I don't know well like this and not Korea fired up. You guys wouldn't do you know. But you bring up or brings up a point and they say. If for some crazy salaries. At this crazy company. We used to would you do it. What do you think about it. If they're paying you enough money and you under enough training then they're investing in EU. They're really this is that this is to make sure that they can kind of keep their investment. And pay you know they know rebar remaining happens and you were you are they can take care of you of and I I get all that. Just think how they can track productivity like so especially companies have a lot of younger employees. They can see how long you're shooting your danced when you get up challenger in the back it's. And threw at them yet about exactly two months ago we talked about his bathroom app let's you get that you put on the your company can track how long you're in the bathroom. You know every day they see a big come back to you and you having your sit down with your boss your one on wanna go and you know you're doing really well your job like what you're doing he did a great job and west project. But the one thing and you taught you about is too much time spending in the in the jock yes in the last week you spent fourteen point seven minutes in the toilet. That that would never be prompt me I'm in now and I hate being in there it's the most disgusting place I just don't ever want to be the pattern. And you see your reclaim the items in bathrooms in general and an in now we will us in the morning answered cleaning crew come they're related actually get a hey yeah. The afternoon and it's gunners got the problem we did serve breakfast and a member gutters once got to go in and go and yeah this has a solid eight hours already on an okay. Actually thought but yea you know another thing you but here's how my mind works in the slow Jack thing I'm thinking and chase a big guarantee you you're mind would go here to. If I considered office and if I said okay I'll go to work for you know that you she'd just chip in the million LoJack me and be able to tell you where ago. The first thing I'm gonna do. As I'm gonna go find one of my computer geek friends that. Is outside of my world view is there any way to temporarily defeat this. Is there a very at all but on these are magnetic band do you put around your arm interferes with the cigarettes or anything like debt and I would do. You can yeah I would when I was not when I was not there I would I would figure a way around it wouldn't be your way to circumvent that. First I would say yeah you can you didn't inject me with a microchip the give me nature Tony thousand a year. Well pay raise and DN. Do that grabbed her arm and admirable that's that's all. Along with your head yes and at. Colored aluminum have all the time RA but I just. It's like I said to her for a crazy salary if it was a job where you know you were eat your applying for jobs and you applied for jobs in your salary range pretty much the same your regal would you go to this tech company. And it's like fifty grand more than you're making you're all right except they're gonna LoJack. Did ask take the job for an extra fifty grand and get low jacked. Seek the the more I think about it the more I don't like then idea but if I had to do it. The first thing I do is good so my computers and there isn't there a way it certain that he Ryan keeps going right and we and I think we said this all fear that a lot of people won't buy an apple phone because it's too hard to get that sim card out yet you're on an android device you can pop pop a back office battery compartment off. And pull that thing right now is because these people can't be tracked sim cards. Pray or even handled the matter is not an. Yes so. In this Big Brother stuff is just getting out of control when I read this I'm like they would look jet music they're injecting a chip and they're making life easier. Spoken like a true I mean yeah. What do you think you know and then everybody wonders all goes I was they get it and tell. Probably got your information because you're from AG's. Anyway there it's fair to computer I inched up you're doing your banking online. These guys have been through that stuff all the hot. Yeah banking online that scares me yakking on line does scare me be your inner and Social Security number everything that here oh my gosh to. Just to me that dangerous he still uses Goldblum. We've talked about this new tech company that when you go to work for the and they basically LoJack unity in the jet through a microchip. And you use that microchip. Really convenient for even a company like ours you have to have. As special badge to get into the building. And you have to carry with you right and then there's a code the EU's for everything to use a phone either copier yeah he's you know you can use. Your phone electronically and I think Vernon from the vending machines and this is all there are practical to me. And then but it brings up all these additional questions season what if type scenarios. What you've spent six they know wolf. We'll have that beat you I think the better I'll call eight it got picked apart from golf. I'm taking over copper got it out chip walk and there are. I guess you'd had to be able to have it removed. Yeah I again and I that would be my guess is that that the company would want that back. Or they would remove that from your body or is some sort of a biodegradable thing if I don't know what I would think that they would want that back. There is no way I'll go to court up or in my contract what a mock Clark. But Albert my I'm I don't want anybody knows who put up all or ramat. See that's right I'm I'm with beyond that I don't I'm not doing anything secret but I. I don't need the people I work for knowing what I do when I leave the office. Exactly it's your business last night yeah I did go to your commitment that. I think Colin. Yes surrogate it. Act so see what I'm seeing it's it's like there's a one of those what do you think what happens if you leave again when you quit the view is a thing still in yet either they take it out. Get. And remove your arm. He yeah yeah Italy are behind it seems to me that it's probably very expensive the technology or even just the device mean. Several thousand dollars all for that east of the chase of the lose that badge that we have to carry and go back here and until I mean you know me. The first that urge to do is lecture you on how much that piece of plastic yet calm him boxed or might spending. Please you know you're only allowed one loss and we built it back to you figured Tyrell I have guys. A party got that one hopper and lost that what's the charge for a new link. I'll bet you'd be shocked and my last job they try to tell me how horrible this it was like 3040 dollars. For that plastic bag how does call somebody every morning to let me and now. I am I had. Anyway if you're just waking up we're talking about this tech company that as a new system they sort of microchip you when you go to work here and you use that. You just wave your arm over adored him go through the door you would just hold it up to the vending machine to use the vending machine garden you know get access to certain areas of the building but. There's a GPS portion of that. That allows them to know where you are and you know an all time in these kids that they would need to help you navigate like appeared lost to lower anxious and this is what happened this is what is this is what happens this new employee got lost on the way to word did know the address of the building called the office and they said oh it's no big deal would track. And they know when they held that she and is it OK you're at fifth and L home here's what you do. And and and it's like home. A lot Xia that's not that's not anything that I mentioned at all I would never go for that I just wouldn't moon but then you bring what if it's an outrageous salary what if every other job you were. Line of work. Pace X amount in this companies offering you don't squared. He had X squared doubled what you're making would you agree to the LoJack chip. Maybe because they are investing. In you especially when I repeated scrutiny of like contracts they're lasting. In yet you can you first shooting war that's exactly I. The extra money again. Principal of the questions.