IKEA, Targeting Moms-to-be. Gross or Genius?

Thursday, January 11th


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They'll run scoring chase and I saw this yesterday. A friend of mine sent it to me does a radio show in Phoenix. And he sent it to me and in court brings it up this morning. And this is a this is an odd thing. And when I first saw it unlike. Are you kidding me it's got to be jet some somebody's Franken but he's jealous I mean it's good marketing dollars anyway go ahead and let the story and fool. Well it's about IKEA so you know that you get a lot of junk mail from all need to replace is trying to get you to go and shop and buy furniture from him. I'm an IKEA TN eleven what is it that as the put together a departure to not. So they sit out an ad that also doubles as a home pregnancy tests. Follow us on this thing you'd taken the. Amy you. Beyond use it this same way that you would a pregnancy test here in what happens is if if you are pregnant. Had a different an ad pops up for discount. Under crib. The concluded earlier India that now and they have marketed that to the wrong sex because I mean women will not appeal in anything but that's the guys will. But oh yeah. It's very true were you manufacture that's right so I just did I just I cannot imagine. Any person I know doing that to save an extra 10% on entry and does that with a discount what I imagine there was actual discount was a terrible irony here in the states. So I just you know also hand that's really clever marketing and socialist mirrors as a woman what do you think of think it's pretty disgusting so he's human to human paper. Lull like a cat. Now I am not like a cat day paper so you this year so if this ad came to you and you look at that you'd be shocked yes. I would think it was a joke and I would not actually due. See that's the thing you know people are really clever with marketing and they probably in the UC a all the time that you think all of that's funny you know. There had to be at a population of people that not only how I'm gonna actually test this out deceived into real. That's what blows my mind that I would never in my wildest dreams think that that was actually real that you could do that if. Find out if your think about the Nike employee though that's got to take that paint. Though is why it. This thing I think about the meeting weird this idea is. Mantra like I had no idea no hay Whitney hit it means. Did you say what were company joins what people think out of the box and as a result I think he's on the box that wanna know what you're doing in the room that's yeah. Let me interrupt this meeting does not just to be a job outside Johnny Nash. Mr. Dawson and I like that and where woman pays on it and me when she does it pillar she's. It or not and underneath the iron to reveal and Amber's is on a base a baby born. That's when you don't wanna stretch of Smith. I United States you can always doubt. About it though it's like OK it's. It's ever it is clever it and I've never heard it before it's it's brand new its brand new marketing yeah but you're saying as a woman you and like pat. Absolutely which I complained to IKEA. No I think that I would set I with. These people that I'll tickets to tactful and arms and watch to see. Who would actually do it to help we treat them differently just a little bit because I can't imagine any of my friend actually do is and what if you found that they did. I mean. I think it go to Israel and questions that I may have about and that's that's really odd would that and do. Cause you to not patronize. That business. And I don't think I'm not when there's Aetna I would still shop there just. You just go back that's really stupid thing I was like that usually Steven but I still enjoy your I discounted price if you're moderately priced furniture you have the meal. Like to make music. Whether it's a good idea or bad idea. Everybody's talking about Nike card I.