HS Senior Has 625 Valentines

Thursday, February 16th


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And just in time for her breakfast sandwich to talk to her in front of her. While she does her cores cool story. I'm gonna eat my breakfast are right preying on you do stories territory I'm gonna be listening ports as morning. It's a downtown daily this week. Andy you sol a flooding line face looking at the granite where are not that that's a look and I flowers you know and Canada. Well indeed think about the people that may be didn't give flowers maybe didn't have a Valentine this year. Through this story I think his her really really cute. High school senior in Wisconsin a guy named Jack. On he showed up on Tuesday with 625. Long stemmed roses. Now 625 that's in kind of an unusual number of races to get right and expensive right it was 41 for every girl at his school they he got a flower for he bought them in bulk from Sam's Club so we actually spent four and fifty dollars but still. For a fifty dollars school kid writes all of the girls lined up down the hallway and he gave each of them have a flower and sending what happened to sending amazing. Then he Surtain of the flowers and they smile and they hug them and giggle at all that's a clear whatever but as he starts getting farther down the line they start to cry. Because it's very it's just they're starting to panic grass so you must know do you what he's doing. So 625. Is. Probably also the number of dates he has rock tighten up a lineup here's slot and yet we did that maybe he even had a sister that lives with him that is student at the school would she did note. That he was doing this at all he put air freshener in their home to mask. The math facts in six of roses in their house to keep it secret why. Yeah that's. It's going and going.