How Could Clay Not Know This

Friday, September 2nd


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Innocent people went to the the Carolina in the game last night see them take on the Steelers and then mop the floor with them yeah lucky dog I had been in Indy. Not even in the Graham even on the rain makers those people trash bags down their Bank of America Stadium. You know you were never been. You've never integrated into but it was that's what a great idea for a long weekend to do is you've been called up. Sick this morning. Eight Edwards at. Figured into professional football game no. We have to go clay we have to that you Panthers. You think. What are you reading I mean we happen yeah yeah. When my medicine you've got kids being that even just kill dating alone is an experience. We tape that tail gating an elegant troubled college can't I thought. That that tail gating meant he just walked around everybody's. Parking spot from the stadium in anywhere is serving you free fill us caught her eye. Only free beer no kidding really is your first college football game ever the hit back at marketer out of it. And hair care and well apparently. Three hours later. Well I mean you can do that unity plan to beginners you know no no don't tell you get in trouble for sure.