Hillary's WikiLeaks - Wolf Has the Inside Scoop

Monday, October 17th


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We dealt with the war show its claim Hillary good morning. He's you I hear they're more emails being released from WikiLeaks burn Hillary Clinton. Really yes and just like we thought we had enough they have more coming out. Interest in there. We can possibly meet like what is their fiscal learned anything like you she gave it it if she pulls out dole stopper meters during primaries about it I don't know I think as a publicly just wanna hear more and more insert nothing on agonizing here if we get somebody from WikiLeaks. The ones that kind of channels go ahead hello good morning. Brilliant speeches. Or what you. It worked politically you have your. Yeah were there or did it. He bill and the rule is true neutral always proven through older we will look at broken control group. Wow man that's crazy genetic services there's some valuable email hunters were trichet. A lot of global port which Google. Warlord who. Can put into the brutal record be bill. Well right here on this show are you kidding me yes. Our Google. Or don't we were. Repudiated. Animals as. And that's all you guys a computer group Broder. We can brutal we've moved it to be part of all of it or grew sure. Okay. For real come on there and really. You know all of the rules are different store sold only to lose. Got on agent next where's the good stuff you know do one of launch codes are the stuff that I know you had. Didn't order it through YouTube and Hulu Bloomberg gold little warm womb. Sure dutrow. Who wrote a slaughter all of written restitution. Broke Burge dog at all the old order to have a pretty usual for truly ordered. Where you grow ever barbaric.