Friday, October 14th


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A lot of stuff going on this weekend. Busy busy Donald Trump will be in town today to kick off the long weekend break in the in. The crop Lockett on Sunday and and Hillary Clinton says I would unplug from the Internet the world is just too crazy right now. That is wanna sit around and watch. Cat videos. That's a joke cat video and no joke that's all she wants to do but I'm thinking well wait a minute pat pat pat if you watch those without. I don't know. Gil good morning here on here. I had to beat Hillary Clinton and candidate for president of the united eight. Guys who we get this straight you you wanna just a plug rewritten since the darker watch cat. Means Nvidia is all they. Well yeah. I think that it's important to have the meat I'm you know and that's what I get down on it and cat. I get you like your cast don't you have to have the Internet in order to see. Those cat videos Hillary. We'll look at my plan for America doesn't work out my plans for Hillary goes a little something like it. Okay I'm just gonna go back to my home in New York surround myself. In a furry wonder that it Ike. Paul Casey you don't even talking about licensed the boy your laptop or your phone your literally mean in no beep did you know she was a cat person no I had no idea that. Or dad got enough Olsen but your roots dirt UV Dina and kids your hot. Lucky time on junior the man that CME isolates. Big ball Garfield. Flood gates posture Macs tiger need beat him luck. Well that's a whole lot of cats or you can certainly animal control might come by in finance and you're the crazy can only use the Mike oh no not at all I don't let anybody coming grabbed my cats. Remove IE mad at us. Don't forget on Election Day vote for your Avery Eli loving female Hillary like it did Roger gun I'm Hillary Clinton and. And.