Headline Challenge Sherry from GSO

Tuesday, September 27th


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You sort of like able to show its claim inquiry. And share is online he knew this is. It's good morning Chad good morning paid is married and they don't get. Are leery original. You don't have this at you you're doing pretty good day of the sniffles. The Miller Donald Trump is here all right sheer unity Jason had been this weekend yeah are you that you got to do you got to score more on our headline challenging Corey does an annual win are right now get lacked its headline challenge timeshare where he'll listen in this morning. Stan advance. In the house. Yet you find people who are from around your call at the advance Philip and in saints North Carolina there you don't know of an advance. I shall now share your three questions we'll take your first dancer on HI score will win with these questions are got to today's headlines you we are. Rolling Stone magazine has ranked dot dynasty as the worst TV show of all time she's. That's about a bunch of good old boys in Louisiana or Alabama. Louisiana. Yes Neil Patrick Harris's turn down the lives job because he's way too busy put together show from Netflix. He would have starred. The day on the daytime show next who sharing. I don't know. I wanted to take me here you know this. No that is not correct. I. Jose Fernandez apparently had a bag with four autographed baseballs them on the boat that he passed away on over the weekend because simply found it washed ashore several blocks north of the crash site. Did who once played for the dash or for the grasshoppers. And leave a grasshopper yes 123. Let's worry backing your Republican CO she pulls this off. If she could be too there's no Jason dean ticket to your future okay. All to think ugly thoughts as Corey attempts are headline challenged more and yet be to be ready all right journalist and magazine is ranked dynasty is the worst TV show of all time that's about a bunch of little boys in Louisiana or Alabama. On Alabama Ingrid flew we. You never seemed at dynasty have you. There you who are you anyway. Neil Patrick Harris is turned down the live job is he's way too busy he says putting together a show for Netflix. He would start on the daytime show next to do. That is time hello Kelly Ripley all. I'm with men young it would include new Patrick here astute. And finally Jose Fernandez apparently had a bag for autographed baseballs with a woman both in the past William of the weekend is simply found a wash you sure several blocks north of the crash site. Did he once played for the dash or the grasshoppers. Grasshoppers yes that is correct scoring with one. Oh yeah. Eat ga yes and say poor me CNET in an interview whose stick your head do you do you outsmarted the new U quarry. Nene animated news. Okay do need for a.