'Greatest Hits' - the summer 'Sleeper' Show

Friday, July 29th

I can't believe we're just finding out about this summer TV GEM!

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You know good morning you wake up with a wolf we dated the Friday morning all want peace but all right does this feel like. Maybe just the heat but it feels like he's been the longest week we've had any long time yes. He really does move well per planning from traveling this weekend definitely today and relate he'll need in malls. A did you watch it on to be good for you for being servicing in Los. Good view and you'll see in this greatest hits TV show at all. It's one of the most under rated shows of the summer I came into what channel it's on. But last night Kelsey gallery he was on one of our favorites you're the wolf it's super sweep all around great girl. This show focused on hits from. And I maybe just because this is radar sweet spot. 2000 to 20050. Yes I you don't sand and I visited it years and a high school with Elena and go to media what is ailing back in the day. Unfortunately how many I've spent I believe yes. You have to reckon they would get the first stop on. Yeah. Is so yeah Kelsey Valerie he was a coasted she did this amid a medley of this is. Yes you're right it's really only. Well I got. The that is Q would you be guilty Valerie B I just I really think you two would have thought there very well I'm glad that. Well just she super swings or you and you gotta love for the another Melissa data Melissa and oppressing others around. That's out west where the plowing through. Scandals weekends they'd three will play the hot songs in the scandal songs of country music Nolan who want to add. To be scandal list is that Kelsey Ballard green. Yeah yeah. Are you just trying to have a scandal like let's try on merely great that scandal comes to Miller you limit. Topics are off if well. They Kelsey Valerie was on that their greatest hits show last known ABC. Oh you are watching this is near the debates are are the the convention bureau and unless the but I know you politics though that mess but this. Was our. So they do is they take an era right need to be 81 night did in the 919 now that lastly this focused on 2002005. Lou and I Kelsey tore out the at this. There might be sacrilegious to say it. I think she sounds better than she tonight. He is wonder whenever you have like and you are artists cover an older song like what it's nice when you think about that eating issues like all her she's like that girl. Indeed she can bring it you know. You know it it yeah. You bring have a very good point the new bay and I'm sure be very insulting for Kelsey get back stay agency should I I love your song when I was in middle school is I mean really how yet back in the day whenever you are popular guy who you are you know you'll tag that. Maroon five's like before. It watches on the. Really get around like that is going to be honest the whole Britney Spears being Christina Aguilera never really got into those girls. Line. Why. Because your girl. We speak of America just experience. I'm UH yeah freshman year of high school the formative years of one clay a Jefferson Davis walker yet I can keep track and the answers are right now Cologne on the Jamie. Let them painting.