Garth Brooks says Clay's his good luck charm...

Wednesday, November 8th

It worked in 2016...and apparently in 2017. So is Clay hitting the road to give Garth Brooks infinate good luck?

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We sat right here and we used it you voted to keep ever trinity united did that this message tonight. You know look you're gonna win and you did the ice greeted TVs like how I was right no evil for yourself. I IE I didn't vote for Keith I can tell it I vote for key that something else that. Yeah I think I had this I don't know what it was last your you sit in the seat he knew you were gonna win it you'll belong to record label. They call your name now this year you can think about is what led to take him back to the man occurred and so it last year was probably a little more relaxed than this year's -- going to be. So do you text anybody if you instantly get what you do it now. You get back to you pick one density. No what got my best friend was my life right there hugged her. And then last she whispered in Myers yours there already thrown a party together place that's I don't yet have his whole band group. Another all out on the West Coast right now threes came from Tacoma there up Spokane if we're looking to take home. We'll fly up the next morning. They just jump run a middle level and take pictures with the words of those the people that deserve it really. You know the ones that they keep it going they are the entertainers man band and crew. You don't do without any one of those guys so feel very lucky be part of that group. Can we call it the Garth Brooks will be entertainer of the year again Q can we go ahead and write it down and put it like we did last year you know what I did last year you did and it worked pretty well so I would like these. It hit the.