Is Garth Brooks a Cyborg?

Monday, October 31st

How does Garth do multiple nights in one town, or even multiple shows on the same night?!

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Well I gotta tell you it doesn't eastern news except I have to do her makeup I've got to her wardrobe to get her out there make sure while still doing the show that's our job I'll Mike Cox. And then I have to ride the entire cooking show on my time off for her. It's that's the hardest parts is. Calling her load yeah. To what about you know keeping the marriage going and ended the splendor being that he's yet there always is so much in love with each of us use the bomb that anybody with her makes a great couple. Just just love her death and I tell this to everybody. If you like your television your lover person she's a doll she's everything you wanted to be a more.