Friday Football with the Wolf

Tuesday, August 23rd


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You know I think Lieberman curable we can pull show with that. Minnesota long long time. The high school football team of the week. Yeah. We are what we do is a little thing on our website and you go vote for the best high school football team or your. You know your child's. High school team or whatever ranked. If the boosters involved devote most of that way on the Friday before game day week you district all showed images of root for your town. I like it every Friday we've because that's the big deal right Fred Hubbell who holds the ball. I like it. We should have done this last week and used western helmet high school. Is the one advocate his own of the united a Christie email me and says hey I neutral policies and I wanted to take about western Ellis high school there Friday night game. They played Cummings high school which only few know much about coming Cummings is a great team like they've got a great team. OK okay the final score was seven. From western allies to. Zero. Yellow. Stead indeed plane said the indeed born this is like basketball scores yeah I felt. Historically Cummings is had a really good teams that alerts in word all came from and then I I I responded with the symbol staying. Exclamation point exclamation point at which point burrito of coaching right hurry here. Two cars Abaxis pay all the way to see you know eastern elements football score. 49 to zero. Why is going on Ryan Andy and James fixed. No they feed those kids really really well and elements Caylee that's it wow so it you know kind of I don't of post mortem is the correct term to use here but after the fact. Salute to western elements yeah. I would have been last week's high school football team of the week will they keep it up this week only time will tell us again it program I don't wanna face amount to you have to assure you more. June bountiful. Regret. Pavano.