FB Live Murder, Should We Ban Live Streaming From Non-Media

Tuesday, April 18th


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I don't know. Most favorite Tim McGraw song sound like that 729 now to wolf cloudy and 73. Today 63. Now another shot a thousand coming up at 11 o'clock this morning. Doug singing about this this guy in Cleveland. Huge decides that. He's gonna take a FaceBook lie than him killing somebody else. There's been all of the news. You know and what that's gonna do I mean what do you do now about face hoopla. I mean. There and if you're if you're faced. And the and he's done. What your move. Well this isn't that I've kind of been worried about for awhile because now a lot of news casts. Are going to face the lives Adobe like in their chopper doing a high speed pursuit and their filming it on FaceBook live in to there's no. Delayed air there's no adult button it's gonna happen you can't find. How document that it out there and then I wondered for a while wind this would become a thing when people would start doing things that. You know we can't regulate the we don't want the world to see. Let's all of those things that is this guy did simply see you can't unseat gray you know once you've seen it that's like a somethings people we just. Didn't see. Now is it more than one. Murder like was it more than one that he did. Is he said that he did thirteen. But he he's the number one album entered and did it lie. He did live reaction thing in any posted a video. Do. And a couple of other videos I think of him talking about yet what what he's doing and how he called that his Easter. He called DEU declared in his Easter massacre yet that's right that's what that's what he had said. And you know he decided he just it's obvious car and how to face appliances. I'm gonna. BD DB and didn't you know. So at ease FaceBook like is Blake with the name Mark Zuckerberg like is he responsible for this. Did you did viewing of this because it's something that's available. Does dislikes and somebody's you know that alcohol manufacturers responsible for something Sony doesn't drunken enemy. I mean in terms of like viewership. Not like the actual acted like obviously he had no and nothing to do with what happened but the fact that we all saw it. And is waiting for somebody I'm I'm not weighing in on S and his way waiting for someone. To say my kids all this because it was on FaceBook lives. You know like it in there's no type of rating system or there's no way to protect someone from seeing that. Yeah assistant assistant open live world and out any ray anybody's a broadcaster nuke anybody can just go live and millions. Potentially people can see with the new. It's out there for good. Yeah yeah I have done most of that has been pulled all they pulled off that I think most of its men. Somehow god yet they can do here yet it can be removed any FaceBook over him you know. The company will remove videos that we post occasionally just because there's something. That they'd do you like don't like it's in it says and that's okay that's kind of their role play. It could still be obtained by someone he saw and saved it quickly. They got they've gotten rid of most of it but still you know there's some web sites who don't go by standard. Used to license seeming you know they did is they don't care about copyright or anything like that that are still out there for. Objectionable content and everything else in fact that's what they want they Friday they want that a peso you know what what eyes I just wonder what that's gonna do. For you know. The future of this whole faces look alive and everything else because it's in and it's not just face replied there's a number of apps where he can just don't start broadcasting. Right you're right your broadcaster in Europe bureau of mobile TV station union with with your with your phone or your iPad or. Whatever other device. Well we saw this with a lot of the riots happening and Charlotte your river that it was a couple months ago on end so actual newscasters from like legit news stations. We're going FaceBook lies in the middle of the action they just at their phone with then. And they are broadcasting from like in the thick of it what was going on there to SE but. Live place things that can be a fantastic tool. But in this case it's like holy cal and you know what you almost nude so much this was comet somebody's gonna do something like this season. Sooner or later in Indy did. And then when you get there you go what's the next minute yeah well tell me how long did take authorities to be able to get to a there they are still looking easy he's not being tall he is still out there are discrediting a minute ago said that they think he's an Indiana. While they can't they can't find the. We still look mountain so yikes. So what's you know I think what's Facebook's move that's what I'm curious what would you do if your FaceBook. Well this may did Chad they've been passed before with. Giving up information personal information about someone intent is to help authority to be able to track and he said no. Both for Mark Zuckerberg said that I'm not I don't work for the police that worked for the FBI if you remember this is being at this has been an ongoing things a lot what point eight. Does he does he have to give up information about location an army is based attacks so much of what you're doing. That was a Big Brother is always want to be there there's no doubt right then and I'm just. Yeah and what their next move is going to be after that you know analogy it's like to cast. Iron and 735. Now Blake Shelton music. You're on the world. More loans kick.