Fair Weather Football Fans

Friday, September 2nd


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Good morning a enjoyable it's clay in Korea or Panthers fans again this year we allowed the V. Why would we not be allowed B Peters well because last year if you remember and I was one album we jump on the bandwagon about midway through because there were undefeated. No rightful. I was the last pre season game I think that it's now or never you're gonna jumbled and then my he had to do it now yeah. You'll think there's room and when he did see how they're doing bad. Oh yeah you can't now technically your bandwagon and. If you did you jump off of it over the summer is that I have to. Maybe. Now now I'm calling our in house call gets to the floor are you are you not supporting painters yes I am going to happen cry. This year. I now. You gave cam cam does indeed slow that broad a little big within people the chance award them and then I'm happy back off the wagon and about on they have obviously been on Sundays you're not a fair weather friend. I don't read exactly you don't think I am. I don't know much about football we story with the UK and trying to learn it I've been trying to learn I spent the offseason in in my own training camp learning about. I sounds and that's what I'm learning this race and learning. Hitters their first game against the rocket is next. Boo Koo the broken really. I.