Ever Heard of a Buckle Bunny?

Monday, June 19th


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Yeah. Then while. Dramatic reading. And the reason is music any anything else right we need this this tape is tight. And Jackson's kids that we need different dramatic and until mammal to me I can't carry the race dramatically. Is the men's hockey tong. Her heat. I get out on the rednecks and every now and then. Paula my baby. She comes over and party begins to. Yeah she's a slick Nichols. She's right on the money. I wouldn't give her up for a thousand buckle bunnies. I'm her big cat daddy. She's not in this hockey town hall meetings. She's got my number. Knows my favorite songs on the jukebox. Do lose to get up and down like crazy. And uncle who placed an X. We need them what you. Will have a feud and get to feeling right. She'll be my queen bee I'll be here Neil on nine. And I'm a big can't daddy. She's my little smoky. 00. I love personal. Stand back and give her room boys and one churkin. She's a looker its turn when she can answer the door. The show stopper when she gets to do when I'm on the floor. We leave all our troubles in her care is way behind us feel lucky Keating when I'm not there highness. I'm a big kid. She's my room this hockey town now huh. Variety here to that hasn't won the toss those of your heart nothing. And now you're wondering what a buckle money is not here. I'm gonna tell you when the song is over on the table and a couple funniest I graphite teach yourself. And they'll Brian Dorian chase you're real slow it nickel. I don't know money. Yeah for a thousand local bar now let's discuss this buckled unease. The next time we'll tell you about bodies aren't. It's if if you could peer into rodeo you probably know already what buck bunny years all just in it what is it is it as a woman and a as the big old belt buckle no. No he could be she could have a good view but it's it's like it's like a rodeo cowboy groupie. A buck bunny is. Are rodeo cowboy groupie it's like kick to go to Iraq chosen trying to. We'll go with the with the rock star and they go to rodeos and it would count. Asking for for it how does one become a code on it you just are going to rodeo and he you know the cowboys is that these they'll cowboys to a mural buckle bunny Guttman but Albany yeah I mean my offering would be the it and the person you act but it. Yet the question is is I think we can all agree how do you become a rodeo class. Did you meant those got a suicidal that is the Cray easiest job ever. Those you have no you don't realize the size of those bulls. Until you get up close to you don't wanna talk Ali Abu Isa these things are. Huge yes. I just I don't I'd never do it just no way. Would you for a thousand dollars yet in all the barrels audible ram in to you know to a counselor. Fifteen and know that I guys you're going to Iraq that we even covered the medical expenses. Injuries sustained torn up. So this. I can implement it. But not I wouldn't do he only working payers you know so that you don't want goes after one the other ones is is that ray distract yet and it is sleazy. The you'd have to trust somebody like chase to be able he worked Wiki you now I don't I mean analysts. The boots are gonna get money only barbecue Foster a demolition. With ST yeah yeah. Yeah they're going forward. The argument that I thought I was on break it is an independent.