Drunk Driver Calls 911 to Report Himself

Monday, January 8th


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Carolina country 931 the wolf normally I just give you the new camera news story. But today he I have a little something extra for you lose and the actual 911. Call. And on. This guy. Called. The police department the 911 dispatcher need to report himself. As a intoxicated driver. And and I thought well you know rather than just tell you about it as they get the 911 call button and here's kind of how it went down. On the ticket emerging clean. It it. Yeah hello. Shootaround. A commodity side reports. It on and get junk shot right now. Yeah now on the line. Okay. And your. Partner right now I continue for some. Mounted. It is or. Is it. Okay. Of people in. Ministry here that it would. Nine and right at least stationed in Atlanta. You know abstain. In the cage at the what is your last saying. Oh yeah it's very helpful it is right now. And drive around water actually this is your last name. It didn't hear that. You've competition on assistants. GE and that's apartment at noon on the least important the cable. So. They work out what CEC. A McDonald's. Was. They called. It the public's. Backing. Now garden on the wrong. It's. That sir where are you. Uga and I and I and I. At night there. Looking you right. Now. What are you can. Sorry you cry for help China helped him. And you're on the side of the street unity or somebody or yourself. It up. My Angel I should know he's good John trying to get pulled over so he starts out in overdrive and dropping calls and dental and know that these other driving drunk and then. He just. He's driving down the highway on the wrong exit and of the. Daring eat. Hello all it takes on Katzman.