Don't Call Her a Bad Mom, She'll Knock Out Your Tooth

Tuesday, January 30th


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Hey let's do this back in March. A year or so ago a chef Benet and David upper stage unit. Deciding go to the hustler gentlemen's club in New York with any friend now that's a good time. Tom as he was talking to one of the performers. She told him her kids were getting in trouble with the cops. So alive he I don't know what he was thinking that he thought will only give you a few little advice Obama make some comments about your threes that sound like you're a bad mother. A little if so who she became angry almost immediately and she stood up and punched him in the face. And knocked out one of his right now a man. Now. Now he is just follow lawsuit against the club for one million dollars. He says the manager promised to pay his dental bills that he backed out of the deal says he won't do. Now David is dealing with years of expensive and worked to get this but two to she knocked out replace. Maybe does seem to realize that he provoke her into punching him. Though Kuo through misquoted him says. I guess it was sort of insulting to tell a woman she's a bad mother yet that's not. Really early today however she did disproven by knocking institute now well that's. And that's what it's like us oh you must make. Really. Didn't know about.