Donald Trump Living in the Triad

Wednesday, May 25th

What would you do if you have the same name as a famous celebrity? Clay and Jill talk about this local man, his name, and more.

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So there's a guy around here named Donald Trump. They hit them on the news the other and I'd like to do this whole long thing about. The speed months and one Donald Trump who's he going to vote for tonight on the news. You know you're regional and is if you need to see something like if I think yeah. That'd in what is the undercover investigative reports on who's got that clean as T created tastes of the there's nothing clean about making sweet tea and giant. Five gallon fats may yeah. Leave it all for the news to know the guys named Donald Trump OK and he's been the trump tower. Even met the other Donald Trump what. Please undecided. Tonight on the news or use the triads Donald Trump gonna vote for he's a command don't know why they are registered about it. Kate Richard Allen. Could you imagine solid B so I guess he's old enough. Right where though the fact is he's named Donald Trump is a complete coincidence. It's not like it's not like he's got my agent is I don't know fares like CNN right. Hole. That does stink on tape walking around like you Michael Bolton being your name right up. Yeah. Oh. I would not be happy about it I have people coming Donnie you really Don. Yeah DT do you know anybody else and as famous names. Need not famous does girlfriend of mine her first name is Mya and our lessons tourney. That's just a big handful of guys are really bad jokes yeah paint her attorney I got I always a parking tickets can you represent me. I'm sorry I can get past the idea of you have in the name of somebody famous like this doodle is around here is on the news the other night it's James. Donald Trump. Book you can't a lot of those people that take advantage of the whole name thing I remember when talking builds in the commercials and I had all the Ronald McDonald's. Tastes all their food. Is this just spiral I. Her from the track and it was also is ironic O'Donnell for jobs go running Donald. Closure America unlike my parents. I don't for first live. I'm a little have they but I I'd prefer things like there's a real business and I get it. But yeah can you imagine the life of disappointment though that you would have wanted everybody space let's see go to outback break right. If you go now back immediately started. We're gonna be a little bit for table we need take you name got to give you when he's agers what's your name and you say my name is Donald Trump. And then they know the lady doing the reservations notes. That you are not really big Donald Trump. But say that the Ager goes off and you don't respond immediately and she's yelling. Donald Trump party for it don't trump party for you got this whole way to Europe people right there in the oval for your yeah I don't. Drugs like he's eating and Lou let me do a good. Right I'm gonna hold no you're just gonna blow weren't overall since no talent right AI stage saying no trail they call might not only food and let make colleague senior Goodman is named Donna don't. The same man you'd have to go to the courthouse I think after a certain point renamed you're you're a Bill Clinton nor say a Michael Jordan writes rallying. So yet if the guy Aaron years named Donald Trump. Which apparently was not coincidental or wasn't deliberate by spears who's totally coincidental that he had named this. There's there's your bar on the same top right he's like the original Donald Chad wants her breast the last thing if you add a famous name. Would you use it to your advantage to carry out yeah. Yet so you call ahead and say hey look I'm Donald Trump and I needed tables tonight. I know for sure do you think people get wise men after awhile ago dude you were here last week the Al back tomorrow. Why do you lived in a small town you probably wouldn't get this far with the does it say you win. See new Yorker you went to LA your summer like that you can get away with an unlocked utility can get away with it all the time it Tucker's grew one point town I don't you think it's. Donald Trump money do you reserve like a piece of that big picnic table their when he sits on. Oh yeah you would small towns you can get away with a big big cities I would do it how lover's neck yeah. Can you said even as a rallying cry. Okay like uses a promotional model let's say that you had a guy. Like Donald Trump and he had a failing barbecue joint employer and you need to make a big deal you call and book. Donald Trump both. Brown summit. Write us use this is it came in this Saturday Donald Trump to move your arm of the barbecue place yet everybody be there and and there are issues a ruling now it's just this little bush brown summit. Right but even have to sit at the table with a copy of desire the next join me like not talk a sound rub some salt and now exactly not exactly my great things to walk into places and we are real little and give the name is the front and it would be some celebrity her favor it was Elvis. First I would say. Say air and they would put Elvis down and when they called the name the rest is history it's Ellis caught filtered down. Think in the.