Does a Joint Social Media Account Mean Someone Cheated?

Thursday, January 11th


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Carolina country manager on the wall yesterday it was yesterday that us all we're. The soon to be princess Markel. May end head to head. Eliminating all over social media account yes that was one of the conditions. TU I joined the royal cleanly when she had to delete. All of her social footprints so a set so because I told the release said that yoshi's. As enjoyed interacting with while Obama rang one of these real nice things but these is that the reason the royal family yes you've got to get rid of that stuff right. That's that's that you know Nicholas is a mean daily to keep things very private. On everything youth is behind closed doors in its social media kind of eliminates that I mean if there's anything we've learned from. It like though the White House right now everything is very transparent he truck tweets out every thought that he had since the royal family has a different efforts. They don't let any of their opinions coming out this wedding. Oh me and I. Yet I'm really threatened I want an active role in my house my daughter has always gotten videos of me and command now. Think just you know hair everywhere and just in the back to be an apple stuff like hit it well you know Allison and pity the kids. English you know but what Blake is here's a fraud and for chasers got sick today easier government do some stuff in a story and more each of the other. And this social meanwhile worked yeah social lead to social media thing. I understand that I guess had I I would I'm wrong and I'm Ronald tracked that as fit in any marriage there are certain things that you have to give up. For years you know premiered there whenever it's time for you grow up in and commit a knack. There's certain things accurate right. Yeah I can think of a couple. Lets you had to give it that let you know I can just pick. Though with that. So what's one thing may you know in your your birth married man with a mini had to give up when he married a month. Other than the RV is mine I'm I don't I don't know. At a doers. Things change is who would return as we keep presidencies about the things change and you get married you do their dirt there's right there's some serious changes happen immediately following. That ceremony. Well for you for example my husband had to get a tobacco free now he's never been a smoker but he liked the debt is at least it's in your mouth he hit he had to stop dipping. That was that was deal I have had zero tolerance for that he had to quit. Now there have been there are instances throughout our eight years of marriage where they're pit may have been a slip dear. But. For the most parties tobacco free what you have to give that I have get anything that I occasionally held the rules. And a woman I came decade ago that I mean there aren't they seem like you're married to Byrd went. Mikey and if you know I mean there's certain things he not give. Her marriage. On May. I'd there was a lot trust I could even get into the list I know exactly where you're talking about a that you know the social media thing was not an issue. When when when I was I I maintain now that if these these married couples depending on how you use social media he does give up that that FaceBook can. Or at the inevitable thing that drives me up the walls when people Joseph Wein a FaceBook account together. The get married in that you have like this your sharing what she called out too well yes. That is one of the never went things act first think of if you combine nearly Ari wanted to be you know deactivate my face that count and I'm gonna be doing my life. We're were together as wind. You know on even lower life it you know somebody cheated that's what happens no matter how does not. And I got time limit dirty picture.