Do You Need a Nap Pod at Work?

Wednesday, May 17th


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Let's talk about nap time percent Kyra I think yeah I just did this this applies to two to us not regularly because none of us are regular Naspers. We have super early but. But not always napping like times you can't you know core Uga kids' stuff to do you Ramones got to do. And what you're doing OK okay yeah Amar Musa al-Qaeda bases in the week away. Mentally it's already tell ourselves when we cut today it was cut and actually you know this week good week. We don't we brought me as you did they here's the problem is you know be uniform group formed a farm girl that hit. Yes you have you looked a forecast man you can get that hate candidates are foreign rain on. Can't do it and hit put it up with the pace or porno on it together that was you can not do now if if it was adamant yesterday at a public till Thursday. You round mailer schools where you have been. Green mail heavy man announced on and it's not strong boys guess who. You'll get to the affidavit Willa. Now are yet to come. Anyway Mandell who can not at opposite. A new study. And says that power and campers are more happy in life then long nap ports power nap at like a twenty minute deal. Twenty to thirty minutes. This professor says the previous researchers on the maps of under thirty minutes make you more focused. Productive and creative. And at least you findings suggest that. Tantalizing possibility that you can also become happier is when that you will shorten that. Why don't disagree even become happier right napping however thirty minute nap. Can only be better if you double. Double the time double define well here here we are at this point similar similar. And again. Aaron can't pay to. Longer nap at. Is associated with several he'll risk. One it now and things of forty waited a what are the health threat educate the pork rinds and good list of many years that a this is in line with other survey results a large body of research shows that short nap boost performance. Many highly successful companies such as Ben and Jerry's and Google have installed dedicated net spaces. They've got the net. Pod. Google as the and that odd. Where employees. Can take a shortening at work on shortly after their some of the ones thirty minute power napping. And I can I even does that give me a nap hide. Thirty minutes and I would be a lot more productive through the afternoon what is written more extension. Our dilemma and it.