Do You Dream About the Election?

Tuesday, October 18th


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He's homely you wake up and show. My fellow Americans a campaign for cash to continue just one hot second and a champion 1000 dollars. Alarming news. If you find yourself hard to get moving this morning's relic if you didn't sleep so well 38% of folks in America have lost sleep over the election. All I know I have yeah every night you're not losing his leader that's I dream about it you dream about an election like I wake up. In the night thinking about it. What are you dreaming about Corey. Well so we're Cecily I'm honest people that makes mistake of looking at FaceBook right before I go to bed and so I'll see something that a friend of mine has posted about political crap. And then it's what I do not so afraid in my post that have been about like. Rules in your state about polling you what they Tina can't do you want your way in to vote. It's so last ninety real talk I dream to that I was doomed to go vote had no idea what I was gonna do once I got in there. Yeah like whenever you Wear. Heard think there's that people get really upset about that and you know you've seen on TV is that they like through fake blood on your whatever for I was not wearing firm idea however they were throwing what I think is like glitter paint on me as I was going into their. That was my dream true. Where Hillary teacher going to. Is there and they'll say your dreaming about the election yes. I can do to avoid you have girl. All manned. Former President Bill Clinton that you again. Now you might think it's made former President Bill Clinton. But you can give Culp played all of don't. Pollen and it's. Get updates you can make your dreams come true. Do they didn't do. And the youth. I credit got it right I got out just. John means and teen scene in there have you ever heard the word unscrupulous it means that ethics are honor in the hour.