Do you believe in ghosts?

Monday, May 23rd

Yet again we've found the diving line here on The Wake Up With The Wolf Show - Jill believes in ghosts, and Clay believes she's full of crap.

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And. You believe in ghosts I did do. You pitches so much did you add an extra syllable of the into the do I do what I went excited about some that I had syllables through a girls do this ago. No black yeah and India Sony just did is I need to news. Law. Yeah moon. So you your vehemently a big ghost believe yes you Def probably. I would show you different things when. The next time I think I've seen and answer guys has been our prisons are shocking I think osu explaining just gonna give me a quick rundown of how you feel there's a ghost or nervous or one and your right now no. Until one and hearing now. But whenever for example if they brassy down playing in a random place. I always think that that's my grandmother's way of saying hello to me. All the people in my family do this and think. So when the automatic changed dispenser it's. Speedway stored is going click click click think there's a bunch of dime that your grandmother yellen a few. I know it's fairways and mayor give me. I don't even know that you probably just don't ninety's since back in change could be but I. On the positive side is fairway give me and got blink an area. Okay only bounces off of Ian and you on me and then maybe you're ghost hunting skills or maybe your ghost busting skills. We'll be better in some way amnesty in Iowa right guy owns a recycling plant that collects cans and stuff like that ranked. Earlier this week he was sort some cans here's somebody whisper. Do you down movies. You turn. Is that you do your ghosts talked to you now mind don't talk not to me or have you know they're around Taylor hill was up. Well I guess I could just feel presidents are tough I'll pay it if I smell something. Different than I'm used to or if I had a cold spot for no reason. Okay. Well I guess is this not this guy's wife is a lot like me in this case. He told his wife in Saudi eerie ghost she did what I'm doing here is making fun of you Jimmie for him as he's been until she herself heard it to who she was working at the same business a few hours later she heard a voice screaming for help because it turns out the ghost wasn't a ghost it was a really two point nine year old make a dude who stuck governor chimney. Are you sure the ghosts that you RV you're thinking you're hearing are really just naked men stuck in the drop ceiling at your house. I'm that no new naked men in my chimney can hide never released been a lot of time when people that were probably addicted to prescription pills are stranger. And you're sure ghosts are on a whole different level of the naked guy in the gym. Not a crack head no OK you believe in real goes knock racquets that The Beatles Jimi and having the recycling plant I didn't. To what level I mean like Casper the Friendly Ghost kind of believe me. I believe in kinda along the ghost. Guardian Angel right arm rest yeah I'll give you an example. Like I told you about the dimes when ever it seems like somebody in my family. Has been through something hard as in my mother mom on it's not on goal. If something bad is going on in our last we always seem to find a dime just out of nowhere and it's supposedly. If you see it die and it's a blood Owens' way of saying I'm here I'm with you I'm holding your hand even known here in in the real life pop. And the example of that is great for me is the day that I went in on my very last baby appointment when I was pregnant with Emilia ranked. How I decide to get on self. A and I thought everything son had no idea what was going. To happen later that day that new doctor came in and he looked I mean he said you know we're really started to believe that your daughter is completely breach. You should probably get the hospital right now. I was hysterical I do know that men are scared out of my mom assure. The doctor leaves the ring and I sit down on the table and I start to cry and then I saw something out of the corner or not I. I'll underneath the chair in the brain that I was in. It was a Don no way and I thought of as my grandmother's way same days you'll be fine I'm with you that the hallway knowing that Saddam I still have it's framed in families pay Peter that is awesome yeah stuff like that happens in our mainly all the time we always see Saddam and we. We call it our family's version. The march announced through life no way F there's an ever receive as dons it always gives slowed and appease him makes us build a stronger. Knew the doctor got home that night because there's a hole in my pocket and so I smacked. But I'll assure her money who had.